Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan!

Before you guys proceed further and started to assemble some sorta mindset that this entry might cause irritations, heartache, lemme make it clear that I am not bajet poyo or trying to say publicly some stupidness here. I am humbly making a post to share my new aim in trying to shape a better me. SO, here we go!
People, it’s very emblematic to observe in our Malay society, the existence of two groups of people, complimenting to each other. Firstly, the one who “Oh I’m weak in BM, I can only speaking la uolls, and imma proud of it gezzz”. Second one is the one that will support scrutinize over the first group, without handing even a minuscule help “Crit her, crit her, crit him crit him”.
Kesannya, gejala #OhMyMalay semakin menular dalam kalangan masyarakat Malaysia. [ala ala ayat menghafal ketika SPM 2009 gittew]
Writing this matter which actually close to my heart, the situation which gave me a virtual hard slap on the face was an incident occurred almost a week ago. I was entitled to write letters to two Deputy Vice Chancellors and also the Vice Chancellor himself. Both two were subjected in Malay writings. So I wrote them lah kan, but then passing those letters to Mouse for a final check-up. Guess what he told me?
M : You tulis surat ni main-main ke serius?
K : Eh serius lah! I wrote that with full emotion ok!
M : Oh. I thought you main main. Macam kiddish je bahasa.
Mayyyn! I was once the receiver for the award “Terbaik Bahasa Melayu” you know in MRSM PC! How kiddish was my writing in your eyes tell meyh tell meyh tell meyh! He whispered ala ala Yusof Tayyob eh “You dulu hafal karangan BM untuk SPM” *trollface.jpeg*
Actually, it is really a face palm for a Malay to have decisively pathetic vocabulary usage, or beyond the pale grammatical error. This happens when our people were being doctrined with the importance of learning English, till we put aside the dignity of our own mother tongue. Ah ah don’t deny this, this situation is very typical in the society, and I honestly think I am not excluded.
So, I started to flashback those efforts I made in learning English starting from my kindergarten phase. Mom made those efforts in buying me lots of Enid Blyton’s pieces (to start reading EB since four), pasting English lessons manila card in my room so that I read them everyday, performing weekly quizzes (mak aih) and emm, plus my own efforts bila dah sekolah lah. Ditto! How gigih was that! But does the same efforts been done to Bahasa Melayu?? Shame on me.
Starting from now on, I am hiring him to be my personal tutor in learning better Bahasa Melayu. I don’t care if he’s a corporate lawyer or so forth now, you have to do your corporate social responsibility for me FIRST, as I am the one who stole your heart (gadak gadaaak) 😛 Naturally we all are aware with certain people whose are quite weedy in Malay, and seems to be very proud of it. Tidak mengapa Bahasa Melayu ku keciciran, janji speaking BI ku berkepuk-kepuk yawls! Tsk tsk. Tidak boleh lah begitu, cannot lah like that. We are too proud with the nationwide lingua franca, English, and we are blessed with the prettiest language, Arabic, but at the same time, we as Malays ourselves are ‘step-daughter-ing’ (direct translation) our own bahasa ibunda. Who else to stand this language up in the eyes of the world if we didn’t? Ella? No. Ella can only sing it. Lame *straight-faced*
Ahaa. Yes I know its quite ironic for me to talk about Malay issue in English but like I stated before, I am still learning better Malay writings so if I wrote this in BM I takut message tak sampai, pending. Neither am I good in English but eeeghh sukahatilahpehaltakpuasahati?!
So, jom semua kita mantapkan Bahasa ibunda kita. As for me, for my own kickstart, I’ll buy some Malay novels or biography (not the Aku Cinta Kau, Kau Cinta Aku type) to help my BM and practice!
p/s May there exists no #OhMyMalay in any channel. Shame lah. 

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