Beach-y Ladies

At first I thought of not posting this but hey orang lain pergi holiday me too wanted a little hapdet what!

Being borne as a ‘cek mek molek’ myself, it is a shame that I haven’t travel to the entire places in my own hometown. I am quite noob with my own state’s places of interests. I mean, I listened to the familiar names quite often but truth is, I’d never been there. That is why, in relevant to this year’s theme “2012 Tahun Melawat Kelantan”, me and my few girlfriends coming down from KL decided to explore bit of it other than claiming our sijil SPM in our beloved MRSM PC. Asyik saya yang pergi melawat tempat mereka so this time they have to explore mine, eventhough in a mere one and a half day.
It begins with me driving my Baby Boo, well-equipped with GPS. Trololol. That noob till Abah decided to install that PapaGo! on my car. Macam mana ke-noob-an ini lahir apabila saya tidak dibenarkan keluar bersendirian melainkan dengan family sahaja sehingga 20 tahun. And the second rule was that, I am only allowed to go out with friends when my parents sent me. Tapi zaman berubah. Dengan kehadiran Baby Boo sebagai hadiah hari lahir ke 19, langkahku tampak semakin panjang. Chewah.
We went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan and stayed in Perdana Resort for two days. It was such a relaxation that every stressed were put aside and we felt as if we were bad ass adult. Not really bad ass lah sebab mereka baik amat. Anyhoo, the trip was enjoyable and I can only let you enjoy some pics of day two because 1 is in syak’s cam. Tsk.

My pretty Cardiff baby with her Charles and Keith
Hijabsterz sangat
Memalui diri sendiri
Debate tepi pantai with Ummu. You hado?
“Noks, mak putih sebab pakai Safi noks!” Ummu said this 😛
Si handsome with three awesome muslimah!
Coco chanel yang sangat wowwers!
I love my babies 😀

I hope I’ve provide you guys with the best hospitality here J Please remember Kelantan eventhough lepas ni sorang sorang fly UK. Tsk.

I was trying to have this ‘hijabsterz’ look. So on me:

Dress from Cache Cache
Long cardigan from Nicchi
Shawl from Ummu hehe
Owl necklace 10 hinggit tepi jalan
Flats from Nose

p/s Not many pictures because my friends insisted not to share much 🙂

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