Evening in Damansara


Throw your boredom away, I am not posting regarding debates anymore, well at least for this upcoming three months time. Tehee. Today my girls from MRSM PC ajak to lepak together after so long not meeting to each other. So we decided to have  lunch date in the Damansara area, before turning the evening into a lovely one.

That was kinda a pre-meet up lah sebab ada yang homecomings ada yang waiting to fly. Rifhan the Polish medical student, Ummu the Egyptian dentistry student and so soon Syak, a medical student in Cardiff, InsyaAllah. Told you my gegirls semua fly, they left only me and Naily here in Malaysia! So mean! 

Anyhoo, we had a blissful lunch together in Garden, One Utama, Alhamdulillah. Foods were okay but the decorations were MasyaAllah sangat cantik! I always imagine myself having some dine-in everytime I passed Garden’s in MidVal but now I had the chance to taste myself. T’was so so lah, takde la superb sangat.

The medicine people

Sate ayam

Syak’s pasta. Forgot the name

Arabiata pasta

Vege fried rice

Olio Oglio! Nice sebab pedas 😀


The gangstah

Prevailed ourselves to Wondermilk in Damansara after finishing lunch. Well, Ummu insisted. I think most of you ever heard about Wondermilk no? Non dairies won’t favor their milks (I am one of them) but to be fair, I had their Butterscotch wondermilk together with the adorable cuppies. And the rest?? Haruslah bercamwhore since the decorations pun sangat cantik!
The adorable cuppies!

My cuppies! Favourite- RV, cookies dream and chocolate

Yang khusyuk makan
Well, I iz sad. Gambar i sikit sangat! I was the photographer for the day. Screwed!

Anyhoo kan, the rumors about Charles and Keith reduction there in OU is a true story lah! Up tp 80% discounts for most heels of previous seasons. But for you guys yang tiny sized like me, kaki size 4 mohon kecewa because there are very little left! Don’t forget Nose warehouse sale on this upcoming 11-14th July people! I’ll be available too! Kidding.

p/s They’ll come to Kelantan next week. Jimbs there pulak 😀

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