Wake Up Call!

After we’ve settled down with Debat Alam Sekitar which took place in our own motherland, UM, the next day was the registration day for Debat Perpaduan dan Integrasi Nasional which took place in UPM, very the nearby one to UM.

By that time, I am no longer in the same team with Azzairi nor Firdaus, but it was another row for me, Adam, Kheng Fai and Qayyum Al Jumadi. It wasn’t a glorious debate for us, no further rezeki there exceptional for 400 bucks tips for each team participating the debate. Champ title goes to UIA, congrats my favourite fella there Fawza Sabila πŸ™‚Β 

Anyhoo, since we didn’t manage to step even in the Quarter Finale that time, we considered something must be wrong somewhere. Minus the alasan ‘baru habis DAS’, ‘letih DAS tak habis lagi’ or even ‘konflik jiwa dalaman’, we sit back and reflect our wrong doings. And came out with several, I presumed.

My perpaduan teammates – KFC, Adam and Qayzr
The moment Azzairi told me “Kegemilangan bukan warisan“, there I realized one thing. A thing that describe how we have been carving names on the basis that our seniors made. Me and Adam (considered the lucky first year debaters) went up to the final stage in tournaments where Azzairi was our anchor. Earlier than me, Adam in his fortnight age in UM, went up to DAS2011 final stage with Azzairi and Daus. Month later, me on the final stage of Gender Debate, also assisted by Azzairi. And we build names starting from that point.Β 

That was the first mistake we ought to realize. Now that all senior debaters are retired, no longer Hazriey and Azimah in USM, no longer Prema in UKM, no longer Zamzafila or Mastura in UiTM, or even clearer Azzairi, Firdaus or KFC in UM… the title of favourite team or strong contender ain’t there any longer. Anyone can be the champ, except we come out with a rigid difference. Kesilapan kami, kami bergantung kepada seniors kami.

Apart from that, we found ourselves are too lacking of knowledge regarding issues in our own country. Yes we can really name the issue but not the detailed chronology of it. Sedangkan, to be a good story teller (what else for a first speaker) or even opening a concept in a motion, you have to really master the details of an issue. Pengajarannya, suka suka laa membaca surat khabar and issues in the internet, jangan jadi cetek ilmu.Β 

We were really smashed with our lose this time. Eventhough most people questioned our lost in the 5th and 6th round, that closed our opportunity to step in the quarter, but..let’s put that aside. This debate really hit us hard dengan kekalahan 7.33 margin, new record for not even stepping in the quarter, and as for me myself, tak jadi best speaker in any match. Those aren’t the issue, but it measures how we have actually deflected from our level. Merudum sangat!

Hmm.. I really learnt my lesson. First and foremost is, either me or Adam, or any other debaters, we shouldn’t be in a comfort zone where we’ll lose our efforts. I really felt that ‘dunia ini ibarat roda’ moment when we won a match with an 8 margin, setting us to the first ranking but suddenly smashed with a lose of margin 7.33, pulling us down to 18th level. Hina uolls!

So, considering this as a wake up call, I hope to reconstruct myself better! Ameen πŸ˜€

p/s CONGRATS both UIAM and USIM!


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