Hashtag #DAS2012

I have a thing towards debate, it is undeniable. I would attend debate tourneys weeks long without getting bored or having the idea to quit. It’s an indescribable passion.

Having the basic interest is a thing but to have bigger dreams is another. Indulging debates, I’ve set myself a few dreams which I hope to achieve in another four years to come in University of Malaya. I’ll tell you one secret regarding this – the first time I joined Malay debate in UM, I adored my seniors, Azzairi and Firdaus too much! Debaters browsing this blog, it is quite impossible for you not to know Azzairi or Firdaus whom turns out to be a great combo- scared by their opponents. Those who didn’t have any ideas of who are these Azzairi and Daus, they are both my seniors, graduating in Bachelor of Law. Both comes with extraordinary critical thinking and sharp delivery, hard to be imitated by others.

And, what are these related to me? Hee hee. Sorry for the long muqaddimah, here comes the clearer part. One of my dreams in debate is that I wanted to be in a team with Azzairi and Firdaus! I started to know them from my late Asasi times, and I’ve been wondering when can I actually sit in a row with them in debate tourneys (minus the mock training lah of course).

Tourneys after tourneys, one after another finally…taraaaa!! I got a chance to be in a team with these two legends in Debat Alam Sekitar 2012 which was back then, their last debate tournament! (katanyalah). I was extremely excited because they gave me the chance and most importantly, the TRUST! Yippie yay! I promised myself that time that I’ll give my very best commitment because deeply inside, I knew that they wanted the victory so much. Their last tourney, at our own beloved varsity, at our own beloved faculty (eh).

I learned a lot of things in Debat Alam Sekitar, and have to nod my agreement with a fact Adam been telling me all these while. It is not that easy to be in a team with Azzairi and Firdaus. They are too great that you could feel how miniature you are, how “oh my god so lite lite lah my idea”. Too stupid to be compared to them  that I don’t even dare to voice out takut idea tak best, too rendah diri to ask questions. Lalala! Haha.

Despite all these, we made it to the final, and sad thing is, the champ title didn’t go for us. It goes to UTHM. But but! As to prove how terrorpopiah they were, Azzairi was entitled the “Overall Best Speaker”, coming back with 300 bucks cash together with a free return ticket to Jakarta sponsored by MAS. While Daus won the “Best Speaker Final” award, worth 1500 bucks! Yummies lah my seniors! And for me and Adam, it is a worthy experience to have them with us 🙂

I can guarantee you no one brings two heels at a same time dalam persidangan. Yaay me!

p/s Congrats to all the committees of DAS2012 and other participants!

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