Three Handy Tools

Assalamualaikum people especially the ladies! Merely because today I blog for ladies. 

I tengok sekarang people tend to blog about beauty secrets, skin cares, make ups and so forth. I seldomly sneak into some of my personal-picked blogger’s blog like Noona and Melle (and also Michelle) to catch their beauty routes. Lots of interesting pick-ups and tips y’know!

So today rasa macam ehem ehem gedik jugak nak post something about skin care. Basically not the whole story lah, I just wanna share stuffs regarding the VERY the basic make up base I use before applying anything else. And these tak banyak pun, because kulit mengada sangat mengada (sebab tu kalau my event organizers asked for MUA’s service, I’ll ask them to dab on my products! Bukan sebab nak mendiva tapi kenot menot pakai benda lain).


I actually have this picky kind of skin that I cannot really use moisturizer (despite of its importance) so sediiihhh.. Before this I can only dab on toner then straightly to the powder but miraculously….ahah thanks to Loreal for this awesome product! It is a transparent milky toner that works in two ways – toning and also moisturizing.Bila menepek je kat muka can feel macam dah letak moisturizer so no neeeed for another moisturizer! How cool is that?? The blend is very rosy and comforting, give a try! Tak mahal pun!


This is an optional. I wont even wear it to classes, hang outs. Applicable during events and when you feel like wearing it haha. I know very well that foundation is such an important ‘tool’ in enhancing the beauty, it gives us the flawless look. Esp for the muka tak flawless like me. But then, tak bagus to wear foundation too often because it blocks the pore so our skins hardly breathe. 

Kenapa dalam banyak banyak foundation I picked this one? Easy sebab this is my first foundation since the first time I owned it, that was two years ago and still tak habis sampai sekarang! And it is really a student priced kinda thingy y’knozz 🙂


Haa! This is my cannot live without! There’s no need for further explanation kot for MAC products because they are very very very cantik you knoz! I love the smooth blend this compact powder gives and part paling best tak payah tepek banyak, sekali layangan dan mukamu ibarat baldu/sueve/velvet/red velvet cake oh sedapnya. OK. Macam tu lah. Btw, I always go for color that is darker than my skin! (kunun tak mahu nampak mat salleh chellop biar melayu asli gituuu)

Three handy tools!!!

I knoz I knoz edited picca but this is of the very biggest resolution I can find from Adam’s!

I am not flawless myself, and I am not denying that I love make ups. But I love the no-make-ups. Macam ala ala mekap tak nampak laah. Don’t put too much lah, we are too young for heavy colors on the face, natural would do. Selalu Mama pesan, kalau awak mekap heavy sekarang time pengantin nak make up macam mana? Haa liddat lah. But these are funs! Enjoy it being a lady!!

p/s Anyhoo beauty comes from within 🙂

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