Oh God im so proud that finally that hectic finale is now owwwwver. Yes. Owwwwver if you get what I mean. Adding the study week which I spent very well in my home in Kelantan and a fortnight of exam weeks, now everything is in “I’m DONE” life chapter. Teehee. For quite a couple of months, no more caterpillar geeking in ze library (sacredly prone huh?), no more McD Bangsar for night stay ups or even chakoii Kerinchi after exam?? Hah itulah dia, kalau study dyingly for the sake of examination, inilah dia akibatnya.

Actually I don’t have any specific purpose of writing this, just another mere blah blah since the broadband is very well behaving right now, and im finding for the right excuse to give some spaces for dearest tummy to digest Red Velvet I had couple of minutes ago (oh I baked  my first RV yesterday, gonna blog soon don’t you worry). Anyway, back to the story, since exam in University of Malaya is not officially done yet (it’s just my course that finished the payyypers too soon, lucky) so why not we picked a line discussing about EXAMINATION?? On the couch, here we go!

Mouse who is a final year law student in UM, he had been complaining on Twitter that the examination-system in Malaysia should be…should be….groomed. Yeah, groomed or improvised. It is one impossible thing for us to abolish examination-based learning in Malaysia and transforming this 360-ly to practical evaluation on full percentage. Urhh, that is just too impossible to be implemented. Let’s not talk about it and find another handsome alternative shall we? So memorizing is one massive, bullshit setback that every student hates and wish did not exist at the first place. You memorize things so carefully for not slipping out a single theory outta brain that are expected to come out in the examination. End up, if you have this Terabyte brain instead of Kilobyte or having the spaces of External Hardisk despite of cheap Diskette then… you may perform well in the examination (don’t forget that vice versa also exists ah). And in the end, examination is just a parameter to actually measure how well you can remember stuffs and not how critical you can actually implement them from theoretical to practical. Maybe a minor thing, but say if the result is not as what has been expected, then THIS IS A MAJOR CONCRETE WALL separating you from great chances ie employment because calls for interview considers your results first, not that on the CV makes it clear to the employer that “Sir, this Miss/Mr can do jobs better than the results may look. Don’t judge book by its cover Sir”. We are in not Hogwarts are we?

What #SUFIDEBAT suggested is that, the country shall conduct open-book system in the examination. Sounds crazy and tempting (and easy) huh? No, we are not producing dumb generations in the future so what can be done is that the examination questions should logically not be directly from the books where students can find answers as picking spinach in the middle of gapped tooth. Naaayyy!! Theories could be referred to the books, and what are written in the answer sheets are implementation of the theories. Next step is to increase the marking scheme, it’s a win-win solution for both the lecturers and students, ey? Relatively compared to Sweden, a good comparison for us to look for.

So, this might be radical, but I partially agree with this (partially, not wholly). Haruslah kan, examination should be an indicator of how well you actually master the skills needed to graduate, not how much have you actually remembered for the examinations. More reason to agree is that, yeah.. no more eyebag! Tahahahahaha.

Till then, goodbye!

p/s This might be a serious post because I.. I.. oh I WANT TO VOICE OUT OPINIONS TOO!! 😀


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