Debat Pengguna Siswa 2012


Hee hee first and foremost kita nak jugak cakap..cantik tak banner baru ittew buat? So santek so santek so saaaantek is it grhhgrhhgrhh (gelak gedik mintak penampar). Ok well, behave. Nayyhh sorry for the ridiculous just now, it is just another dimension of expression bila kita tensi dengan exam. Sigh. Anyhoo, about the header, no lah, its not pretty but it’s at least something I can do (ponds ponds cakap kendu). I’m really into aqua colored thingies nowadays eversince the tudung dinner, straightaway to blog header and soon baju raya. eh?

Alright that’s not the main point actually. Can’t lie myself that I love this new setting replacing the analogue one Blogger provide. Feels like blogging and blogging and blogging walaupun ittew tengah exam. Krhkrhkrh. Here goes another sheet in debate chapter, Debat Pengguna which was held successfully in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) about a few weeks ago. It was indeed a very successful debate with huge budget and new format.

Oh ya. The new format. It was the British Parliamentary style which replaces the conventional 3-on-3 debate style, emulating the English Debate. So there were two debaters representing a team which are then divided into four positions- Goverment (Opening/Closing) and Opposition (Opening/Closing). Because of the limited time you had to present your ideas, this debate doesn’t stress too much on the structural and technical as such the conventional one but it is really a battle of idea.Β 

And to be honest, I dislike this kind of debate. It is lack of debate identity itself, and once you are done with your case, that is all for you. No more time for case backing up.. bosan la bosan. I personally hope Malay debates in the future will continue with the conventional parliamentary style. Battle of two solid ideas instead of crappy four.

So, we had Azzairi and Firdaus for the first team, whilst Adam and Adie for the second team. Ramai tanya kenapa Kia tak on stage dan rasanya tak perlu jawab kot.. -.-” Had too much for that week, busy with MAG stuff some more that I ulang alik from UKM-UM everyday for both events. That time MAG was the priority. Hrmmm.

Alright, I babbled much lah pulak I know it would be only very tiny percentage of my readers who will actually ‘read’. Here goes the photos:-

Adam Daniel- legend gonnabe

The Unisza team

Dato’ Ismail Sabri

Otaisss! And Daniel in the middle won the debate beautifully

Us with Ismail Sabri again. He’s very sporting lah!

Haruslaaa πŸ˜›

My lovers πŸ˜€

Epul’s favvy I guess!

Girlfiriend Ajaiee?

Heheh sorry I know its like the Dinner pictures successfully occupy this post but then I really don’t have any pictures during the debate session. πŸ˜›

p/s Another two debates coming up next!Β 


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