MAG 2012

Salam a’laik peeps! I’ve been really busy with some stuffs these few months and time flies so fast, nayy till all that I know is that I’m sitting for my finals now. Bravo me for utilizing this small gap after finishing three consecutive papers and waiting for another three in a row, I sneak peeked into this spooky miss bloggie.Β 

Because some insisted me to work on post regarding my MAG which stands for Malam Apresiasi Gemilang, an annual dinner held by Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Residential College. Well, it was officially my first MAG and despite of attending the dinner like everyone else did (chit chatting, grooming down to Earth, snip snapping here and there or even the best part- to MAKAN), I did none of that y’know. Why?Β 

Ye. Kita bertugas di malam MAG yang gilang gemilang ittew.

If my first dinner in UM which was a year ago, I was appointed as the Director but this time, I worked my ass being the informal emcee with my partner Izzat Hassan. Anyhoo, the dinner was quite a merriful one. Have to say, despite the formality Palace of The Golden Horses had, it turned out to be a colorful, around the world night! Nyahaha.

So here are some sneak peak of that night πŸ™‚
We the emcees – Izzat and me (informal), Fatin and Mehran (formal)

Anyhoo, tersedak kita time nervous tunggu giliran, they handed me a piece of card stating that I won an award for that night, which was an award for active juniors in the college. To be honest, I dont think so I deserve this and I don’t know what they expect for me (ittew tak apply PM punggg).

Just for those who are curious (atau dalam erti kata lain ittew nak cakap baju kita bukan baju sponsor…) what I put on that night were:

Dress – Designer’s custom made from Phenomenal, The Gardens (MYR399.90)
Bawal – Aqua from Turkuaz, Jalan TAR (MYR159.00)
Shoes (invisible due to pendekness) Β – Charles and Keith (MYR189.90)
Necklace – a small kiosk in MidValley (MYR27.00)
Pearls on the hijab – gifted from Syahira when she went to Sabah (no price)
Make up – freeeeeee by a team of professional make up artist

That’s all. Thank you πŸ™‚


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