Debat ASTAR 2012

Truth is, I’m not really into debate updates here in my blog because I know some would hesitate as such “lah. debate lagi” “huh,bosan gels lagi lagi debate” if Chatinaa is all about debate, debate debate debate debate debate debate and… huh debate. But tell me, what do you honestly expect from a normal human being like me??? hewhew. *ok,serious.

The last day of the week and I was hanging there in Mira’s room in Kusyated, changing my clothes before it turned to a wide, long scream. I cannot help myself to see red rashes all over my body, spreading like its nothing wrong for them to be there, and all of sudden I felt a sudden change of the hotness, crazier. Yes. The doctor. Off there, and what he can do the best to comfy me, “nothing much, girl. Infected by measles” Wuu measles is nothing much, fine. But what about demam campak? Lusa Debat ASTAR. I kena campak. Then its not a small matter, its a huge disaster!


That’s what I can do, besides Adam introduced me to his lampu khurafat which costs two thousands bucks (deep inside I’ve to admit its effectiveness..) and the families in Orator kept on giving me moral support. Seolah-olah demam campak itu halusinasi semata-mata. Liao! They were right, anyway. Battle has to go on.

That’s about it. Three days of battling in Astar, with creepy husky voice, lobster-red skin plus the itchiness, finally we made it to the Final Stage. To compete with the never-lose UiTM team who won Royale in 2010, and we made it as the opponent. Being the opponent, cannot help to lie, me, Adam and Adie love being the opponent instead of government so we strived to what we can do the best. Eventhough we can’t really predict how they gonna bring up the issue.

Masih ingat, usulnya “Andai Tunku Abdul Rahman Masih Ada, Tunku Pasti Akan Menangis”.

Alhamdulillah, usul ditolak dengan juri 6-1 margin I don’t remember sumpah! and best speaker was Adam Daniel *again*. That was…my third time being in the team with Adie and Adam after KDO and Royale. Indeed, our first time being Johan after the survival from being Quarter Finalist in KDO, Semi Finalist in Royale and then, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar πŸ™‚ It might not be a big winning compared to our seniors’ back then in Royale but then it was deeply meaningful. Furnishing the chemistry within us, because deep inside, I cannot make it neither without Adie nor Adam, simply implementing the concept of both-sides ventricle of mine. Kudos!

On stage. And cannot help not to laugh when Adam said “Kenapa we all vogue?”

Nervous moments!

Le familia of UM debate members

p/s Blabber from head to toe but I’m not lying to hereby confess, the measles ended up miraculously with the final. Never a setback to Him right? πŸ˜‰


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