Frenster 12 of the year 2012


The biggest event in the Royal 12th College is now return with so many indulging activities waiting for your willingness to participate! So hurry up! Why hesitate?

Alamak I sound so wrong lah to advertise events, not so much skills that collides the requirement to be an advert myself. Hihi. Now all that I am stressing here is that Frenster 12th is now back yo people! The most awaited event of the year for every UM-ers I believe. The carnival itself is so tempting, and here’s one proud bird to be among of the awesome team! (Unilaterally! Not the official crew but been helping them by being selected as the opening emcee done by Tan Sri Rafiah Salem)

It was Japanese Garden that night, and sorry for my overdone make ups. I hate it though, blame the make up retis ye people.

I told you it was overdone.

The promo for Tiong Hua Cultural Night

The promo for Mawar, eventually

Ghazal done by SAMURA lovelies

Performance by students of SAMURA

As delicate as it may seem, the Japanese theme was quite good though I do oppose the overdone make up. I compared myself to the last year’s theme which was Arabic night, and I do personally prefer last year’s make up. Hahah as if it was a big issue! (It is, right??) Well, praise be to Allah for his guidance and bless throughout the ceremony, and wishing the crew the best for the rest of the weeks!

p/s Have I any other partner rather than Izzat Hassan? You’re an awesome emcee, buddy!

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