Early Marriage. Yay or Nay?

This is neither a post regarding crossing those earlier marriage wishers, nor people who completely got hesitate with relentlessly developing “I WANT TO GET MARRIED EARLY EARLY LAH” posts on Facebook but this is to look deeper on both point of views. Thus I am being natural as staunch as possible by giving few perceptions based on the public phenomenon regarding both sides.

Situation 1: Ewww gelilah yang nak kahwin awal ni, gilewww tak cool

Haa! This refers to people who tend to get dilly-dally every time they caught the sight of posts on Facebook regarding how eager few people to get married, zealous much to undergo matrimonial stage at such this early age, and so forth that sounds so synonym to these. What they’ll end up with is that they will criticize and screwing without voicing the proper, what-they-want solutions. Macam ni:

“Dah gian sangat ke nak kahwin, duk post status on Facebook macam lerrr nak kahwin esok!”

“Korunk ingat kahwin neyy leyy uat main main kewww, duit dah cukup kewww, hew hew hew”

And of course menambah pfft sebagai penanda wacana.

Ironically, Malaysians love dramas that use early marriage as the main theme. Being obvious metaphor, to compare the concrete and abstract one, lotsa people getting hooked up with Vanilla Coklat, Adamaya and whatsoever I don’t really watch dramas. For each episode aired, comments will pop up in Facebook “sweetnya, Zara dah mengandung” “comelnya Amir cakap I love you kat Zara”. So, where’s actually the stand? Criticize kaw kaw for a second then bobbling to “comelnyaaa early marriage”. Oh, is it inapt to people you known but adequate adorability for artists?

Peliks society.

Situation 2 : Nikah is the ONLY MANDATORY solution to overcome social problem aroused

Second kind of society exists in our people is that those who are too rigid about being anti-socialize. I do agree that for most social problems arousing today rooted from the free socializing concept. But we have to remember that the MAIN one is actually penetrating deep inside our souls, the faith. Loosening faith, meaning we are loosening the grip of our own self-development. So why blame others? And to avoid this, some constantly standing the point that Nikah is the only solution, whereby the truth lies beyond that. Berat kot pembuktian “THE ONLY SOLUTION”. And then these people started to disgrace and having this misconception towards us, who doesn’t parallel to their perception. Seriously braaah, kadang-kadang hati kami terguris. It seems like we are living a world with two different dimensions, never made a patch to one another. Ehem.

Leaving this with a question mark to the ‘so-called’ urban society. Bye!


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