Friends : REAL vs FAKE


Ever trust the phrase: No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can completely be stupid with. Now, imagine a friend you cannot live without. The one and only or two or three that came across your mind. REAL best friends huh? Been there shedding tears and bursting laughter all way round?

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Baiklah. It is good to know that in whatever circumstances or difficulties in life, there is always a person or persons willing to share, lending their shoulders and hence by vanishing away the setbacks. Itu best friend namanya but then here comes to those who always regulate in your life, proclaiming they are your buddies. Are they for real? Cuba buat ini buat “teman” anda:

1. In the absence of money

Don’t lie that this never came across you. Short of money tu perkara biasa la bro, esp FAMA scholar like me hehe. For a frequent food hunter like me, I love going out and try new food outlets. If I fell in love with the foods, the probability of me going there again and again is too high and of course I bukan forever alone yang makan sorang so I’ll bring buddies. Kalau murah hati tolong bayar sama. But then try for once, after finish having meals, tell your friend that you forgot to bring your money. What would they be?? Kalau tarak hal, go on bro tapi kalau kekwat semacam, Wassalam.

2. In the absence of car

This four-wheels thingy is undeniable a necessarily bonus from your parents. And trust me, kalau dah drive tu pasti along the way akan ada “drop me here can?” “drop me there can?” “boleh tumpang situ?” “boleh tumpang sini?”. That occurs to often. Tiada masalah if you are fetching them all along the way to classes together, going out together but then try for once, leave your car in the house, or not driving to classes, would they be your side? Are they willing to walk together to classes? Ini ujian paling obvious.

3. In the absence of spirit

Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to divide it with. Shame that one never experienced down moment (which is an absolute lie). Adults face lots of circumstances in their life and no doubt, a friend is very much needed. Kalau tidak, nak soksek kat siapa kita tak suka orang tu orang ni, apa kita tak puas hati with our reputation and the opinion bank? Where to get where to get besides your family?? Haruslah teman. So, kalau time huhaa huhaa gelak tak ingat dunia ja ada, time merudum batang hidung pun tak nampak, there’s no need to keep this kind of people.

4. In the absence of health

You are not Badang who remains healthy throughout his life (betul ke?). Once in a while pasti ada fever yang menampal. Kan Allah dah cakap, sakit itu ujian. TRUE! Ain’t singly applicable for yourself but also for your friends. Take note on their presence taking care of you (biasa orang sakit mengada). Are they willing to buy foods you crave for, massaging your body over, and so forth. Kalau time sakit buat kekwat, dah, terima kasih je lah.

Well, those are from my humble opinion. I write based on my experiences, bukan hentam keromo. But don’t be too judgmental because if you judge people, you don’t have time to love them. Kalau tiap tiap minggu buat test ni, haa sila melangut jadi forever alone menyemakkan Timeline Twitter orang je kerja.

And if they passes all these tests, sila belanja Tutti Frutti and Adele punya VCD sebab mereka teman sejati!!

Thanks to misfortunes, it shows those who are not really friends πŸ™‚

p/s Nak air! Pedaaahh ngoti!

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