Don’t Underestimate XS-ers


Hello readers, don’t worry I am not going to talk about debate stuffs, eventhough now it is the fever of Debat Integriti there in UMP but since I am not literally involved, so here I am doing some escapade. So this time, I would love to write about something a bit girlish, a bit womanish or rather said pretty lady-like. Actually I got tagged by my friend Alya who is eager to discover stuffs I am able to tug inside a tiny handbag.

To be honest I am not a fan of a small bag, I’d rather walk on with a huge tote or sling bag (it gives you the Nicole Richie feeling of course! Hehe) but then today as I was flattering around MidValley with my buddy, and there it goes, I realized myself clinging a small handbag. Namely small handbag, don’t expect me including stuffs we normally put inside huge tots. So here we go, I hope this satisfies you Al!

This is the bag I am talking about. A mini duo-usage by Bonita. They keychain does not come together tau, that was a gift from my Abah.
Since it provides miniature compartment, an EDP + lotion is a must, so these small fragrances is a must!
Item 1 : Dreams Unlimited by TBS EDP
Item 2 : Johnson & Johnsons hand lotion (love the way it smells lah!)

Some touch up thingies not to be left, but not in their specific couch, bawak bare hands je.
Item 1 : ZA Two Way Foundation
Item 2 : Lip Ice Sheer Colour in strawberry flavour
Item 3 : Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss
Item 4 : Lovely ME:EX lip gloss by The Face Shop
hehe… sorry but I cannot live without lip stuffs, a pouty lips is a must, no doubt. Bila makan kan cepat tanggal

Dare to leave the door without this?

Keys!! Mana boleh tinggal! Baby Boo’s key and also kunci bilik of course! Berserabai tu key-chain yang menyesakkan je sebenarnya.

Handphones. BOTH Maxis because I setia pada yang satu!

So, those are rough rubbish I carry in my miniature handYbag. Handy not hand because you got no function with the absence of Y. Don’t ask me why. Basically it looks a lot lah pulak kan but truth is I can stuff them in the handybag without any problem. Am I actually gifted with Hermoine’s magic tote? My God, I should check if Harry lies in there! πŸ˜›

Well Al, I hope I answer your ‘misery’!

p/s On diet so non-dairy products are banned from being carried here and there *munching Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Stick in Chocolate Eclairs

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