Beauty with Brain


Once when I am still undergoing my foundation year, I was too eager to further my studies in degree life. I always have this typical perception that life is going to run smoother, easier in the next four years spend during Bachelor years. Because during that time, for me PASUM is way too rigid, plus being one of the student representatives, keep on tightening me with always on the go projects, that I MUST balance with half of the day study hours, dan tiba saat exam pasti menggelabah. And plus, I joined UM debate team when I was about to finish with PASUM so I don’t have the satisfaction there. I blame you Azzairi sebab serap I lambat dalam debate team, why you no discover me earlier? Erk erk erk.

Alright. That was roughly a year ago. Now that time had granted my wish, all of sudden I am now is about to finish my first year (over padahal baru masuk sem 2 first year). So how exactly it turns out to be? Absolute written as what I’ve been wishing for? TRUE. But a total diverse from what I’ve been expecting for a year in foundation year. Why you no believe that degree life is waaaay tougher than Foundation year ye budak budak???

True that study hours seemed to be cut down, way way way lesser than PASUM. Maybe 5 hours classes on average daily, compared to PASUM, which is double but then PASUM is more organized compared to degree. PASUM masih lagi disuap kot, our timetable dulu was fixed by the lecturers but not now. It is too flexible that it could be troublesome, too. And one thing I hate is that classes is not fully done in your faculty but for university courses, you have to migrate out and about in faculties in Universiti Malaya! For example kelas English I di Fac Bahasa from 5-8 okey? Blurgh.

Hahah I sound so ungrateful about this. No I am not. I love my life now, though 24hours daily seems to be too little for me. Funs and adventures you discovered in degree life is more challenging and exciting tau. Esp for debate (in the mode of refraining myself from blabber too much about debate, I know you’ll get bored).

Point is, I need a very well-disciplined time table in order to achieve everything I wished for in these four years. Of course the priority is that I dream to be listed in the Dean List, critically build a twisted way of thinking ability through debates, trying out new emceeing experiences and discovering the world. I WANT ALL OF THAT without some dropping by in the middle of the journey. But someone could tell me how? How is it possible to be a complete beauty with brain because up to this point, I am clueless about the exact answer. How beauty with brain looks like? Maria Elena? Fatin Liyana? Engku Sulwani? They are, but it’s not my wish to emitate these beauties.

Oh! Right, nobody’s perfect.

So that means nobody could achieve dreams?

Le sigh.

p/s Feeling a bit better πŸ™‚

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