Royale Debate 2012

Sorry for being too direct about this, but this is another post regarding debaaaate! What can I do, it is kinda back to back this season, since MADUM proposed that tournaments should be done during semester break to avoid kinky criticizing voices from aback.
So this time it is about DEBAT KEAMANAN IPT ASEAN and also THE ROYALE DEBATE. Few talks would do about Keamanan, ain’t that eager to write about it. But Royale, since this is my second time (first to be legal) joining Royale, I’m all out to write about this. Training were done quite little for Royale, we trained when debaters from other institutes came down to have a friendly match with us. And the rest, it was all about being scold by Abang Wan. Tsk!
Royale this year was held in University Sains Malaysia in Penang, infinity times being here. Being with my KDO teammates, again for this big tournament was a bliss. Abang Adie, Adam and Epul were really great teammates and we survived till Semi Finale, kalah kepada the Champion UMP. However, the sadness were meditated with our senior’s winning. Quite to say, they have been craving to be the Champ after a long drought in Royale. And they did it!
Royale… it was a great history for us, Oratorians.
#Johan Debat BM Kategori Utama
#Semi Finalist Debat BM Kategori Muda
#Pendebat Terbaik Keseluruhan Azzairi Rosle
#Pendebat Terbaik Final Firdaus Ahmad
#Anugerah Kecemerlangan Individu MADUM Azzairi Rosle
#Anugerah Penggerak Debat Firdaus Ahmad

That was memorable enough, I say. With MORUM’s (Majlis Orator Universiti Malaya) for all categories – Malays, Arabic and English debaters. Hope to continue this legacy in years to come, so extraction of skills from these powerful seniors is an absolute mandatory!
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