Assalamualaikum and wishing all a happy holiday!

Wait. Did I just mentioned the word “Holiday”? Yes I did! Such a rare word in my dictionary of life, eversince the beginning of this hectic but enjoyable degree life. Macam tu lah, bukan senang nak senang and bukan susah nak susah. Kaitan? Tiada.

So here the story goes. A week of study week plus a month of final is now finally a bygone. No more those programming thick textbook, very neat notes of CSO and also logical-not-so-logic Mathematics as daily routines, sekarang masa untuk berjimbas. Three weeks holiday must be fully utilized since it is not everyday that I have such this chances to be by the side of the beloved. Though they owe me a fortnight of holiday aka two weeks discounted from others, but still I am very the grateful to the merryful to the April Fool. Merapik. MY HOLIDAY IS DISCOUNTED, TWO WEEK CUTS YOU KNOW!

Truth is, free time is another bounty of Allah Taala. Consider those people who have to endlessly put on extra shifts and jobs without even a spare time, just to make ends meet. SO to those who are constantly complaining on too-short semester break, just, be grateful and appreciate the free time before you are forced to force it in another way. Procrastination is a waste!

So the first three days, as soon as I finished my last paper on January the 20th, the Debate team of University of Malaya, we went to Dusun Eco Resort for some mental and physical building before facing our upcoming tournaments. Yeah, that was pretty my second time being there but it was rather more and more meaningful because I went there with my second family.

And I don’t want to talk too much. Credit to Intan Nordiana for these pics I stole.

The exact meaning of “meaningless” is known by their absence.
I heart Oratorians.

p/s And KELIBAT stands for Kem Latihan Debat ’12. Tiada kena mengena dengan Kolej ke-12

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