Being Nineteen

That day when I legally turned 19, I was in Kuala Terengganu to non-officially celebrate my birthday. It was The Great Gender Debate by that time so everyone were really like focusing on the debate. Not everyone actually, it was UM, and also UMP by that time as we battled on the final stage exactly on November 13th.

And November 13th tu apa?
Hew hew. Birthday kita lewww *yeckk
The first celebration at the first stake, was something I can slightly imagine as they were constantly hitting me with visible clues, especially from Abang Adie. Boleh pulak kan tanya “sekarang pukul berapa dah?” memang sah sah la I can detect the clue there. And as expected they surprised me with a thick icing cake, with a candle which confused me a lot, there supposed to be 19 candles together no? Anyhow the bless were there, my birthday wasn’t totally celebrated by UM’s debaters but there were also debaters from other universities, UIA, UNiSZA, UKM. Hmm m mungkin itu je kot yang menyokong UM. Politic!
Kita represents UM.. her her

The first birthday cake for 19th year!!
On the day of the battle where we met UMP on the final stage, for me that was the best birthday present ever. My first time to be on stage with my beloved, virtued by all the loved, dearest, oratorians. Subhanallah, awesome itself cannot describe exactly the feeling I had by that time.
Enough with the first round celebration and then it doesn’t stop there when my besties Amirah Ramli and Aqilah Zafirah Hanis Ismail decided to throw another birthday celebration of mine. Alhamdulillah, I’ve been presented two persons who understood me very well, who gave me my favourite Baba for 19th birthday present. Baba itu merupakan satu soft toy berbentuk biri-biri hitam berkaki polka dots. I’ve constantly hit Mira with clues so that she buys me the Baba since months ago (tak malu kan?).. heherr. Kadang-kadang saya hairan, kenapa semakin dewasa semakin anda memberi saya soft toys? Tumbesaran saya terbantutkah?

You answer.
The third time celebration for my birthday (which I don’t even regard as one) tapi tidak mengapa- been celebrated together with the Oratorians again. To be exact, with the coaches, Abang Is, Abang Wan, and Abang Hazren. The urge of superiority were there, I felt like a big troublesome for them as they were busy with their tonnes of works, but still, they cooked me the best Malay dishes ever (which I can’t even produce in my own pots!).
Moving on to the last one I suppose.
Mr Beloved planned me a very well celebration on the previous Saturday. He waited till I finished my aerobic conducting session, and straightly brought me to my wish-listed food heaven, Canoodling in Bangsar Village. Drunk in the world of excitedness, I thanked him for being understanding, macam paham paham je kita nak makan sana ye? The foods were quite good, I’m not an avid noodles lover, but I think I can handle some weird-flavored noodle together with roasted duck. Ehem. Anyhow, I love the crayon-ing part!! Try canoodling yourself, bunch of fun promised!


As soon as getting into the car ๐Ÿ™‚
While waiting for our Breaking Dawn to be ‘movielized’ (is that a correct term?I hope you do understand), there were lots of time to be spent! On behalf of my request (because I’ve to settle down my Ethnic Relation’s assignment) so we went to the National Museum. Gaah I know this might sound funny, noob or even clueless for couples to spend times together in museum but who cares?
Later on, since we were both are avid food hunters, from Kuala Lumpur we straightly made our moves to Shah Alam for some Mamak in Restoran Hakim. Blame me not for putting on several kilos these few weeks but he kept on urging me with irresistible foods, jadi kami sama sama membulat dan kami tak kisah?
Well, bosan lah nak cerita satu satu. Tapi begitulah, finally went to Pavi to watch Breaking Dawn during the night. FINALLY!! We brought along Adam and Adie Ucin as I was like too shy to watch movies with him, Breaking Dawn apatah lagi. Another food sessions in Glitters before entering GSC, and Breaking Dawn was a total frustration. Tak best.

Glitters, Pavi
End up the birthday celebration with another chicken-choping in HR Steakhouse.
p/s One bless you had in life is good foods. Never waste them.

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