Ever think of flies?

Naah.. dont wipe off your screen!! Its not about this bugsy thingy!
No! Bukan juga mengenai ‘flying’ abroad to further your studies, itu entry cliche teramat bagi students yang terkilan tidak fly macam saya.
Instead, ever hear of the saying “how time flies”??
Yes…you got me. Itulah. Itulah yang saya nak cakap kali ini.
I always come to this kind of thought that we actually never grew up. Screw the physical part, mana mungkin seorang bayi remain size kecik beliau sehingga dewasa. I’m nagging about our behaviors, how we actually live symbiotically with others, we never grew up. Age is just a matter of indicator on how we actually manage to do things on protocol, like a ten years kid can’t learn AddMaths theoretically, but he practically CAN *if he’s willing lah, not everyone are as brilliant as the adik Adi Putra*. Things are becoming an option when there’s an age boundary, rather significant with seniors-juniors thingy.
Being old, let’s us all admit that we’ve been missing our childhood times. Those times when fooling around were our rhymes, those times when troubles were freed from our minds. Geeezzz! Gila best!
But, do you remember that once (maybe for most of the time), we always dreamed to be this old? To have all the stuffs we desire, to be out of our parents’ empire? When we actually think “best gila nanti nak bawak kereta, boleh beli tonnes of gula gula, homeworks tak payah pening kepala?”
I am reminiscing my memories back then. The first stage, was during the early childhood years where I hate the teddies and played cards, scrabbles, pictures-ushaing in fables (kerek nyewwzzz) instead of the dolls which I found eerie back then. Haruslah, I have only a brother by that time and we used to play boys’ stuffs so I was trained to be that way. Rough, busuk, calar balar.
#Konklusi, tahap pertama saya seorang tomboy. Eh?
The second stage, four years old I supposed. The first year when I started to enter the kindergarten. When mama approached me to learn something, I refused to. Malas masuk sekolah and I set up the condition. Kalau nak suruh pergi sekolah, allow me to wear kebaya everyday, with heels and red lipstick. Kalau tak adik tak nak pergi!! *masa tu mama kita panggil kita adik lagi hew hew* What to do, tadika Babah punya *eyes rolling*. And Mama followed that condition before I figured out myself that learning and making friends sangat menggembirakan. 5 years old I entered the other tadika which was Agama’s stream. Hem hem I do wear hijab as early as 5 years old! But for a year lah, and during classes lah.
#Konklusi, tahap kedua saya bukan seorang tomboy. Eh?
Move on to the third stage, entering the primary school. Basically, my school was single gender streamed, so saya tidak lah gatal time sekolah rendah. Eh? To be surprised, I re-trait my boyish allele, being renourished, I jadi lah tomboy balik. Short haircut, gigi rongak, gelap, suara kuat what do you expect? Because of this gangster characteristics’, I was pointed as the ketua kelas since darjah satu. Darjah empat jadi pengawas so tak gangster.
#Konklusi, tahap ketiga saya seorang tomboy. Eh?
The fourth stage. Basically, two different branches. Form 1 I started to enter another girls streamed school and by this time, the world invades me to a world femininity, grace, humbleness and all these overness. Ketiba ketiba jadi lah girlish balik! And it continues well till I entered MRSM PC in form four, and I guess my “femininity” was on the top, sebab mixed up! I never knew guys that well before, so macam culture shock. Geezzzz boleh la tahan. That is why time form four dapat anugerah “Junior Paranormal” but in form five been awarded as “The Perfume Lady” and “The Spotlight Diva”. Eeeehh geli je.
#Konklusi, tahap keempat saya bukan seorang tomboy. Eh?
Currently, I’m not yet done with my fifth stage. It started well in Universiti Malaya, a chapter of PASUM ended well but not my degree phase. Not yet. Being a first year student, don’t think so I am in the capability of explaining widespread experiences. I am appreciating every single moments I am having here, how my buddies either in the faculty, in the clubs, or even in the college, geeeez me out! Time not to be influenced, but stick to who we are but learn to see from others. So, how time is not flying *finally! topic related!* is when I defined I am having back my childish traits! I love teddies which I used to hate to deepest core and surprisingly I am collecting many!
Itulah motif sebenar post ini dibuat. Itulah.
Nak cakap kita dapat Baba Baba blacksheep from kita punya darlings Qee and Mee, and Shilo the dolphin from my pendakwa raya, for 19th birthday.
Jangan marah nanti time flies. Tua!
Geeeeezzz againz! #yesayaponmenyampahcamnih

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