NIEW The Great Gender Debate

Ones’ said, for every pain, there comes a gain. True with that, I iktiraf teori ini. Back to back from Kenyalang Open Debate, I’ve joined the Great Gender Debate in Terengganu, basically on the third day of raya. With no preparation at all, plus suffering the fever and sore throat. Pain isn’t it? This is my first time to go back home but then it was only for four days that they provided me to stay with my beloved family.
After that, the chapter in Terengganu began…
With segregated journeys, my parents sent me there from Kelantan while the rest of the team began their journey from UM.
Dan Allah kurniakan rezeki buat kami.
Dan Allah permudahkan perjalanan kami.
This time I’ve been in the same team with Azzairi and Kheng Fai. Both are senior debaters, ranked 2nd and 3rd out of 115 debaters in this tournament.

I remembered the YDP’s word in our final conference.

“Andai hari ini Universiti Malaya muncul sebagai Johan, ia merupakan hari cukup bermakna buat Yang Berhormat Dato Kiasatina kerana pertama beliau dapat berjumpa dengan idola beliau secara bersemuka. Dan juga, kerana hari ini kebetulan ulang tahun beliau yang ke-19”

Alhamdulillah (:
p/s Congratulations UMT as the tuan rumah to set up very the excellent bench mark for the next organization of Gender Debate. Congrats my buddy Mira Adilah for being one of them 😀

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