Kenyalang Open Debate 2011

So we’ve been to Sarawak for Kenyalang Open Debate (I rephrased it because that’s the right term instead of Kenyalang Debate Open)
Been in a contingent of 12, two debate teams with two coaches and researchers, we flew to UiTM Sarawak there in Kota Samarahan. Quite to say, this is different from any other tournaments I’d ever joined because this is Azzairi-free tournament. Hee biasa pergi ada Azzairi isn’t it. But this time my teammates were Adie Ucin, Adam Daniel and Rafidah.
Sarawak… quite good. Not a drastic transformation since my last visit in 2008. Katanya ada SCORE? eh?
Congratulations for both teams, we did it well though tewas to MMU and UTP who finally met in final. We had lotsa fun though!

♥ The Family


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