If only there’s really a time capsule that enable us to go back to the old time, fix our mistakes and getting well-prepared for the challenging future, then the Earth would be a better place. Since the time is undo-able, perhaps most of us won’t take the black path we need to undergo, and haruslah pilih jalan yang kurang berliku, bukan macam jalan kekasihku di jalanan yang berliku (okey crap hee)!
So today I managed to browse for quite a long time, Friday is actually another weekend in degree life! PASUM sila jealous. Then I saw quote phrased by Nik Syakirah saying how she misses us, the old us, the highschool version of us! Could feel the heat and beat, since most of us dah fly, chasing their respective dreams all over the world. Riffy is successfully a student of Medical University of Warsaw, Seha is currently enjoying life in Indiana, US. Soon its going to be Mary, Syak, HanaReza, Wani in Ireland or UK or US! Ummu will be off with her holidays in the country and go back to Egypt too soon, so siapa je yang ada dalam Malaysia now??
Naily in UTP (itupun nasib baik Naily reject offer to France)
That’s the rest of the gang left in Malaysia.
But then, back to the topic. If and only if,the time have the experimental value, the ‘can test’ quality, I am sure to go back from the beginning point and try it out every single pathway I can choose before. If and only if, I found that it is not as cool as the pathway I’m leading now, I can reverse my way, and choose another option! How easy!
Let’s go back to the post-SPM time where I have two options of pursuing my studies.

Undergoing Mechanical Engineering in Japan
Yes,can’t deny its coolness. Being offered the chance to pursue my studies in Japan, Mechanical Engineering some more, do you expect anything else to make your parents proud of you? Pros, baaaanyak! I never been to Japan before, so the ability to gain new experiences in new lifestyles and culture would probably be a lifetime opportunity! You have no doubt towards Mechi Engine, it is one of the career branch that offers the most.
TAPI. Back to the real intention. I didn’t really apply for that scholarship because I WANT IT. Because I NAK JADI ENGINEER in the future. Hell no! I applied it because most of my friends did and takkan I nak tengok je? Engineering some more, I never thought of it. I applied it because Bio SPM I dapat B+ so am I applicable for Dentistry or Medicine *yang memang tak pernah minat but Mama wants me to be*??? Am I?
SO I know I’ve been hypocrite, I’ve cut down others’ chance who really hope to get a place in that Japanese Mechanical Engineering thingy, so I didn’t really deserve it. I tak pernah minat Mechy Engine but for the sake of pride, I applied it. Bila dah dapat, gatal tak nak pergi. How cruel to disregard.
Effect, sekarang terasa when you see most of your buddies flying overseas and you are sighing over in your own country. Tertanya-tanya aku BILA LAGI?
Allah always knows the best for you.
He didn’t send me to Japan. But He sent me to a better place, here in University of Malaya.
Kalau saya tidak berada di Universiti Malaya…
Too many and many and many regretness I would probably feel.
Life in UM really bring out the true side of myself. It is not only accountable for academic stuffs that could guarantee your future, how enjoyable stuffs-in-one I am able to undergo in UM had open my eyes that university life is the best. Selaku first year freshie I know I’m not really makan garam to jot this down, tapi I feel the heat earlier so nothings wrong isn’t it?
Tiada UM, tiada faculty yang umph!
Tiada UM, tiada family debat yang best!
Tiada UM, tiada family JKP yang awesome!
Tiada UM, tiada family PP yang terbaek terganas!
Tiada UM, tiada saya yang sebenarnya.
If only the time capsule exists, I won’t be in it. I won’t go back to the other option I had before.
Never ending this is the best pathway I chose.
Never regret.
And lucky that time capsule never exist. Walaupun dalam cerita Doraemon it seems to be, but as long as the light speed we learnt in Physics is unbeatable, don’t ever dream of going back to the past or speeding onwards to the future.
I nak jadi criminal litigation lawyer yang berjaya.
A friendly reminder;

“Whenever any good news or glad tiding was told to the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam), he would prostrate in gratitude to Allah.” [Sunan Abu Dawud]

We call ourselves lucky or we blame our luck, as the case may be. While, doing so, is nothing short of denying Allah’s Will and His Provision.
In a nutshell, friggatriskaidekaphonia NEVER EXIST!
Ada kaitan. Think!


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