Chubb Chaser


Chubb is a short form of chubby.

While chubby refers to a slight plump of the body figure.

Malays said sedap-sedap.

Tak gemuk.

Tapi definitely tak kurus.

Like me lah *TDDMDA*


It is not a short form of any phrase,

According to the dictionary of English,

Chaser refers to pursuer, a people struggling or haunting over something.

Like you’re aiming for something and have been really crazy to own it, then you’re working towards it.

Kalau tak faham jugak,

You seriously have to take a preliminary English class.


Chubb chaser is a person who found themselves attracted to unusual macho figure people like. *Its not a good definition* Ada I kisah?

So, my seniors introduced me to this bombastic phrase. *Err*

I don’t really know who invented this, either Adie Ucin or Azzairi Rosle, Wallahualam.

I’ve been really noob when they firstly said this in front of me when we’re dining at Sentosa in front of The Gardens.

Free free I dapat “Bodoh” from abang Adie since at the first stake I didn’t grab its whole definition.

Now I’m giving my frank opinion concerning “chubb chaser”

To be honest I love chubby guys.


Definitely I tak nak dikejar chubb chaser!

You know what I mean.

I nak jadi skinny!

Back to the topic, my cerebrum interprets my thoughts that chubby is the best figure a guy can ever had.

They’ll look as if they cukup makan.

And I don’t know why that tough figure reflects stability, instead of that insecure feeling when he’s doing his walk of fame.

Most important, I feel secure lah to walk by a chubby guy’s side.

Who dares to distract you when you have a boy with pak-guard’s figura?

According to studies I read in magazine in what year what magazine I don’t feel sheltered or confident with this,

But it states chubby guys are loyal towards their lad!

Haruslah kan,kalau dah chubby susah nak dapat awek,sekali dapat harus jaga ketatketat

Itulah suara typical masyarakat. So lame!

I don’t know why, and don’t even feel to know why.

Ehem! Nak ber-poem sikit!

In the end of the day,

It really doesn’t matter how an individual looks like,

How they appear physically in our eyes,

For first those look allured my eyes to look,

And straight my eye stirred up my heart to love,

And cruel love, with deep deceitful hook,

Choked up my mind, whom fancy cannot move,

Nor hope relieve, nor other help behove,

But still to look, and though I look too much,

Needs must I look because I see none such!


Chubb chaser ada taste.

You ada?



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