Haluansiswa 2011/2012

Haluansiswa is merely a massive word for me. Being enthusiastic, I do love Haluansiswa damn much. All these while I’ve been thru my first asasian Haluansiswa, then the mini Haluansiswa which was the indoor training for PP, and the handling juniors’ Haluansiswa itself. So this is my official forth time, but the first time for being an undergraduate.

I’m glad. Masih lagi bersuka-ria di Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. Honestly I can’t help myself to pretend in front of the PMs. They were all my siblings, pernah jadi PP sama so I can’t pretend. And we the former PPs selalu main keningkening with the PMs. Nothing can describe maximum spirit for this Haluansiswa, to be honest sedikit lem

au. I understand, mesti susah nak handle above 18 people though there were only 300++ of us. Huge claps for the PMs.

By the way, let’s ignore the past. New experience is to be treasured. I love to get involve with aktiviti kesenian during Haluansiswa, because I don’t like the LDKs and all. This time chose to represent the college for Debat Bahasa Melayu. This works. The first day during the MHS, the PM told us, esok lawan. WHATTA?

So, been in the team with Izzat Hassan, Hanafi Harun and Ah Koh, the journey begun.

Sedar tak sedar after four rounds without losing the game, kami ke pentas final. We met the second college with Adam Daniel, Saodah and Nabihah in the team. Awesome people. Tapi kami kalah final with the motion Penghayatan Kemerdekaan : Lebih Gendang Dari Tari. Redhoo sajoo. Kaedahnya team Adam Daniel memang grand. Thanks Hazirah Ridzan for all these Pics!

In the end, rasa nak kikis perkataan Naib tu

That’s all lah. My MHS is all about debat. Waking up at 5am each day and slept at 2am, just to bukak konsep and research. Bukak konsep, research. Pergi DTC, faculty is lain kira. I never take account all those craps.

Anyway, selepas MHS, UM jugak yang paling best. Been lepaking with my darling roommate, Dayana and few peeps, and of course debate members. Rindu sangat 😀

p/s Soon its going to be Jason and Tay in the blog. Thanks again Ash for the pics!

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