One Night Stand in Perak

Assalamualaikum and happy fasting to all Muslims.

So all these while Naily has been really seducing and convincing regarding her pleads for me to visit her in UTP. She consoles me on every single reason on why should I go there and spend a few days at her place. Well, thanks to JPNIN for organizing Debat Perpaduan in UTP so finally I managed to make my first step in the Petronas university, as well as making Naily’s dream comes true. Sweet tak? *fairytale song*

Anyhow, it wasn’t merely for fun. It was all regarding gathering Malaysia’s IPT debaters under one roof (walaupun saya tak nampak mana bumbung nya di UTP). And again, to talk about debate stuff is something not everyone can accept, it would be rather too cliché to jot down something that minority people could wholly grab it. Oreven with my too little experiences I don’t think so I can blabber so much, nanti dikatakan murid nak mengajar cikgu when me myself pun tak terror macam first rank debater on Perpaduan, Azzairi Rosle. *nama yang selalu ada dalam Sorority*

Today you all… I’m going to blabber much on activities we done OUTSIDE the debates. Means, stuffs we enjoyed for five days there in Tronoh. But nothing much we did actually because the team managed to break the semi before fell in UiTM’s, So, lets godek what makes me macam tak nak balik KL that time. Kerangka masa just for one night la, don’t feel like writing too long.

After the terrible evening, no, I would rather say, to step backwards with dignity. We went to Azzairi’s home in Sitiawan. His parents were another sporting parents I could find after mine. That was my fourth time I think to meet his parents and apa yang paling best kucing Azzairi debab gilaaa. Macam anak rimau. OK takde kaitan I know.

Basically, this is a one night stand. Kalau nak cerita everything, you guys would be annoyed.


We had a good dinner in Teluk Muroh. Incredible stars for the awesome seafoods that could break Abang Istajib’s allergies towards them. Mulanya I pon segan nak makan but then plates by plates of foods twisting my tummies there, squeezing my saliva (ok ini over) then I couldn’t resist any longer. Melahap laaa you all! Pernah makan telur belangkas? Well I tried that for the first time, tak cuba tak tau. Pi cuba eh next time. Anddd, besides all those scrumptious fresh seafoods we were enjoying that time, plus the breeze from the beach, and the orang yang tak sedap langsung menyanyi in the background, we had a lovely guest for that night! Izhar my buddy joined us sebab dia orang dekat jugak.. Orang Manjung. Thanks buddy, you made the night! After all, thanks Encik Rosle and Puan Rodoah for the treats. You guys rocks!

What’s a holiday w/o good foods?


Moving on, kami ke Pulau Marina. For excited newbies like me, dengar Marina itu seolah olah reminding me towards my Auntie Marina and also Marimar. Nampak tak over di situ? Ok la, that place was quite good. Nothing much except the glowing neons and dating couples. Anyhow Azzairi was expressing me with this muka-sangat-over that Marina Island is so beautiful. Tapi bila sampai, biasa sajooo. But I could see Pangkor from distance, so not bad la kan. By that time, my phone rang for quite a few times, Naily was calling me. Reminding, “Kia, dah pukul 12 kau tak nak balik lagi ke?” Malu sebentar.


Hours like that were actually minutes for us, or to be exact them. Saya ni anak dara baik mana jalan malam malam tapi ni kes paksaan. Mengada. Not to drive back to UTP yet, we decided to have a durian feast at Lumut. Actually during the evening, all teams are invited to have a galore on durian after planting hibiscus and so on. Kira secretariat punya social responsibility lah kan. Not to talk much, we missed it, or to be exact we purposely missed it. KFC Lumut virtued our passions towards durians, I suka tengok Kheng Fai makan durian because he’s a Chinese yet he can eat durian like the rest of us. Lapan belas markah for the macho KFC who enjoyed durian in front of KFC. But Abang Adie, the diva from Switzerland lah kot tak sentuh pon durian except for snapping shoots. Hareeem.


Feels like buying all the Kings!

The seniors are great

Balik UTP at 2.30am. Haruslah baik kami ni.

I think UTP-ians are so lucky because Perak has a lot of nice places to be explored, and life without travels and foods are like foods without salt. Boleh macam tu?

p/s I miss Perpaduan’s people. Azzairi, Firdaus, Kheng Fai, Asri, Adie, Abg Istajib, Abg Wan, Rafidah, Amalina, Qayyum


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