Ramadhan and the Bliss

Assalamualaikum and wishing you a nice day ahead.

Tomorrow it will be another day ahead in the calendar where we will leave behind the lovely Mr. July and the memories it brought. Bye July.

Tomorrow it will be another chapter for Muslims to get closer to our One and Only Creator, besides grabbing the opportunity to faithfully purify ourselves from the prior chapters; it is a month of repentance anyway.

Tomorrow it will be the preliminary step towards a consequential month for us, Malaysians to enhance our loves towards our country.

Tomorrow it is 1st August 2011 and 1st Ramadhan 1432 Hijra. ITS MERDEKA RAYA.

Ok, tak payah la nak sekema sangat kan, Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadhan! Best nya kanak kanak, esok dah start puasa! Kejap je, feels like it was yesterday that we celebrated the previous Raya tup tup esok dah puasa. Over la mak!

By the way, talking about Ramadhan, I am so grateful that this year I will be spending the whole month fasting with my beloved family. A rare opportunity that its’ occurrence comes only once in a decade. Sekali lagi over mak! No lah, I mean, Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me this chance sebab dah lama tak merasa puasa sebulan at home you know. Yaaa laaa, Form Four seruan boarding sekul sudah sampai so two years puasa kat sekolah you know. After SPM managed to enter PASUM and then sekali lagi cannot puasa with the family. YOU KNOW??? Haaa.. so InsyaAllah this year can can aahh.

But looking back to where I’ve been, the years of unlike the others, especially time kat MRSM… phew! It was a great memory you know! So, here come to the topic that I want to really bebel for today, things I love about school-time Ramadhan. Because living in boarding school is like living in another dimension, seriously kenangan terindah dong. Hee mesti annoying kan intro baaapak panjang? Takpe I memang annoying pon.

1) Sahur time

Sahur time in boarding school is so tak sama macam kat rumah. At home your mom will serve almost everything but kurang sikit je compared to bukak puasa. But, in boarding school, tak dapet lakan. Some boarding schools got the siren and all to wake the students up, queuing at the Dewan Selera tapi MRSM PC don’t have all those stuffs. Plus, I’m one kind of gedik homo sapiens that cannot consume nasi for my sahur so throughout two years there, I’d never turun to DS for sahur. Tapi tapi! Menipu gila kalau tak makan, I was CHUBBY zaman sekolah dulu, where my body mass terberat dalam sejarah badanku, 55kg. (okay, mengada nak advertise). And since taking sahur is a sunnah, dapat pahala lagi, so saya akan bangun jam 5.00 pagi bila mak saya call saya suruh bangun (ohh MRSM saya boleh bawak phone) and I will eat some cereals ke bread ke chocolate ke.. haaa macam gittteww la lebih kurang. Funnier stuff, Unie my bedmate cuma minum Dutch Lady sambil pejam mata. That’s her everyday sahur.

Tambah sepuluh mata for Unie.

2) Bazaar Ramadhan

Selaku manusia yang jakun, whereby my mom tak pernah bawak saya ke Bazaar Ramadhan dengan alasan takut hilang so biar mama and abah je pergi (sobs sobs), I got too excited with the school’s bazaar ramadhan! I remembered, PKS and apa apa badan kat sekolah tu yang namanya I forgot, always bukak gerai selling foods like ayam goring Upin Ipin tu, cakes, puddings and all. Boleh laa tahan. I don’t care much about the un-yummy foods but I love the atmosphere. My bestie Naily was the VP for PKS so she always get busy by the time nak bukak puasa and I can always book chicken’s drumstick through her. Nyeh nyeh.

Tambah sepuluh mata for Naily.

3) Homeroom’s activity

MRSM’s system requires their students to get involve with homeroom activities. Homeroom ni macam di Western countries la. Tanya la Google malas la nak cerita. (tahu you all pun malas nak baca boohoo!) When I was in Form 4,my homeroom was Empat Farabi Dua and our mummy was

Cikgu Zainab! We went to her house, bukak puasa there. Haa since then onwards la I bud my first allele of loving to cook, sebab I nak masak for my crush. Hehehe puppy love. Gathering around her house, enjoying her mouth watering cooking, wooo best! I ingat lagi we all the girls went to her house earlier to help her with the cookings and all, and bila dah nak dekat waktu berbuka, the guys arrived. Another time that we had this bukak puasa together was time form 5 rasanya dengan adik beradik Farabi ni. Since I was the VP for homeroom tu, I kena jalan kaki with Hisham pergi beli Nasi Haikal untuk kakak kakak abang abang bukak puasa. Nais and suit kan?By Form 5, my homeroom was Lima Iqbal Dua. Nothing differs too much from the Form 4 one, basically bukak puasa ramairamai!

Tambah sepuluh mata for Farabians and Iqbalians.

Nah few pics hilang lenguh membaca. Takpe.. membaca amalan mulia

4) The menus

Many people stereotype bukak puasa kat hostel ni makanan tak sedap lah, sikit lah., itu lah ini lah. Penumbuk kau. OK je lah! Normally in Ramadhan, the DS workers’ will serve you menus contrast to typical days. In a larger quantity, and tastier. KOT. But since it doesn’t took so long from my house to MRSM PC, so hehe mama selalu hantar foods. If I was in Form 4, quite to say tiap tiap hari mama datang hantar but then in Form 5 dah grown up en en? Kurang la sikit. If today mama send me foods, then tomorrow Unie’s turn, then Yusma’s, then Yana’s and so on la kami lebih kurang repeat repeat turn like that. Mak kami bekerjasama like this laaah bagi memastikan anak yang selera naga ni eat a lot lot jugak even staying in hostel.

Tambah sepuluh mata buat para ibu yang hebad!

5) The ibadah

Haaa! This is the most important one. Ustaz Fazli once said;

“Ambillah peluang untuk buat sebanyak banyak amal, datang ke surau ketika awak masih di sini. Sebab lepas ni, masuk universiti awak takkan ke surau seperti hari hari awak sekarang ini. Tiada yang akan ingatkan awak, tiada yang akan marahkan awak”

Yes! So true! MRSM PC wajibkan students solat Maghrib je berjemaah, tu pun kadang kadang je pergi *hehewww heheww*. But then! In Ramadhan, surau penuh sampai belakang you all! Meriah sangat! After iftar, then walking together to the surau, serving ourselves to Allah The Most Merciful, listening to tazkirah together, lari balik dorm from surau together. Haa macam tu la lebih kurang, the first three weeks of Ramadhan tak tinggal la tarawih but then the final week, balik rumah mula compang camping. Hinaaa nya diri.

Tambah sepuluh mata for Ustaz Fazli!

If only I can borrow any of Doraemon’s stuff, I wanted to borrow his time machine. I want to go back and give a mere visit to once again, feel the heat of Ramadhan when I was in my school time. Visit je lah, to repeat all over again, maybe I will be sighing over and over sebab mengada homesick.

Anyway you all, take this opportunity to gain as much experience and bless as possible!

Nah gambar with besties zaman sekolah time Ramadhan 2009

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

p/s Pun suka prep time yang pendek kalau bulan puasa. Hehewww


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