Lepasan PASUM Teraniaya?

Assalamualaikum and wishing you the best in life.

Pretty awkward, this is a post on my buddy, Acap’s request. He requested me to give my opinions regarding the “lepasan PASUM” existence in facebook. We were twittering at the first place, but you know twitter kan macam gedik, permitting 140 alphabets being pushed to the limit at once. Sumpah menyampah so i dengan tak rela mana nya pon, decided to flush the ideas here. So since promise is a promise, and to break a promise is to sin *gadak gadakkk* so, here we go, buddies. Esp Acap tinggi menawan *yoloo la tu

Before i do proceed further, lemme explain yaw about the existence of this “Lepasan PASUM Teraniaya” group on facebook. I’m not sure of the creator and the current existence, whether it is still available or not, wallahualam. Tapi lantak la, nak cakap jugak. SO, this group is created to be liked for those who have the slightly thought of agreement towards the reality in PASUM. Generally, they uttered two ideas to punish PASUM for its niggardliness, the syllabus and the promise. Dua je lah kan harus saya explain jugak. Amoi amoiiyaa.

1) 1) The very hardcore and not worth it syllabus in PASUM

Not being outdated, I do give you my nod of agreement towards this fact. Yes, studying in PASUM requires you to push your geniusness to the maximum level, hardworks over the limits, sebab memang sudah terang lagi bersuluh syllabus PASUM memang susah compared to others. Whilst others are enjoying their short syllabus, we are struggling and battling to squeeze the adrenalines, just to think outside of the box demi Maths, Bio, Phy and the jahat Chemisery. I know how troublesome it is to finish a tutorial, and to be honest it is a miracle for me to complete up the whole questions in that single annoying sheet (except for Maths). Means I tak pernah siap laa tutorial tu. This is a fact that we all have been acknowledged before deciding for UPU after SPM. Man! Look back to where we have been, for a clue to where we are going. Nak masuk PASUM, bukan calang-calang orang. I do believe that my 1270 batchmates came from well-credited schools, either from MRSM or SBP or privates. 6A or 7A SPM pun its not enough to enter PASUM, while being considered based on merit pulak tu. Cermin diri ukur baju sendiri, you guys are so hebat are so awesome because your academics qualifications enabled you to enter PASUM, once upon a time. Most of us here have the brain, the qualified brain to undergo the syllabus, kita semua sama. Once upon a time, we can prove it during SPM then why should it be a problem in PASUM? Otherwise we are substituting to a new brain annually, I don’t see any misconception with this. Berapa ramai yang merintih nak masuk PASUM and how are we being credited bila orang tanya “Belajar mana?” “PASUM” Maka terlopong lah empunya badan yang bertanya.

Selesai penghujahan pertama.

2) 2) No special quota for ex PASUM to further their first degree in UM

Basically, before me myself applied PASUM as my first choice dulu, (no it was my Abah who decided this sebab I nak masuk law, but its ok). Ok where are we? Ahah, when we apply for PASUM, we do have this strong desire to extend our degree years here in Universiti Malaya after done with the foundation year, right? And let’s face it, cliché preferences, budak hayat will straightly go to Medic and physical will straightly go to engineering. DULU boleh la kata Weeheww weeheew but SEKARANG apo pon tak boleh! Taking a deep consideration regarding this, we have to come for the law of competitiveness. Everything in this world, especially in this millennium world, every single task requires you to be vast and twisting in your performances in order to be on the top, and not down to the dope. So we have to be competitive, take the hard part of studying as a challenge for us to survive, sebab everything requires us to berkorban, you know berkorban? In order to reach something. And of course if places in faculties are only meant for ex PASUM, how are the others yang bukan PASUM stand a chance to enter UM? They deserve a place here jugak apa.

Selesai penghujahan kedua.

Malas la nak tak memasal menulis karangan. Ni pon dah choy choy rojak dah ni. Kayu syal.

Sebenarnya, ex PASUM tak teraniaya. Cuba risik risik buddies of ex PASUM, ada yang tak dapat offer manamana? The extraordinariness of being an ex PASUM, anda dilempar di mana, tetap anda akan diterima. KPTM keluarkan statistics, they said 20k of students didn’t get any offer of pursuing studies for their first degree for 2011 intake. Jadi, kita di mana sebenarnya?

Haruslah, tak dapat UM sebab UM sangat susah nak masuk. But then it is not fair for us to rank universities based on the names and sesedap rasa je cakap aku nak masuk yang tu aku nak masuk yang ni. The name of the university, it is not the main point. It is where we are and how we perform there, that matters. Me myself (laaagi), though the luck still by my side, enabling me to further studies in UM afer this, but then i tak dapat course law yang i nak. Taking the bright side, i believe there’s a hidden goodness in this because experiences have been really a good educator in teaching me, ALLAH KNOWS BETTER WITH YOUR FUTURE.

Sekali lagi, ex PASUM tak teraniaya. But sometimes, we are the one who makes ourself teraniaya. Life is to be enjoyed and seized, anyway.

Last but not least, this is not a post of pulling whoever down okay? This is a mere motivation to be shared, even for me myself. Orang yang menjunjung kerajinan adalah orang yang berjaya. Both of my parents, bukan ex PASUM pun? Cuma graduates from USM but still, managed to raise me and sibs apa?


p/s Sekadar tempat ketiga di Debat Perpaduan 2011


6 thoughts on “Lepasan PASUM Teraniaya?

  1. this is somehow true. those who entered pasum, with hopes of getting UM, you should know you are wrong. you knew that if you enter pasum, you are not guaranteed to get pasum right? you know UiTM also has their own foundation programmes right? and they were not promised of entering UiTM. even their pre med students are not promised UiTM. the only university that does that now is only UIA. that is as far as i know. those days, PASUM would enter UM, but not anymore, number of people who went to university increased, number of bright students, increased, so, is it fair to say other's syllabus is easier when you did not succeed and fail to secure a place in UM?

    cermin diri dulu. mereka yang dapat tempat tu, mesti mereka dapat apa yang selayaknya. Allah Maha Adil, mungkin dia tak beri kita course apa yang kita nak sebab dia tahu kita tak boleh buat. cuba ingat prestasi anda sendiri waktu di PASUM. adakah anda layak meneruskan dia UM yang mempunyai silibus yang sukar?

    yes you already succeeded during spm, straight A+, what i can say is congrats. i myself is not that good. not even close. but what matters is, now, not the past. any of you wanted to take medicine so much? i give you a tip. take degree in biomedicine, then when you graduated, you can enroll yourself into medicine. i know a few doctors who did this. so why not if you really have passion for medicine?

    just my two cents, i may offend some of you, and im sorry, truth hurts.

  2. bg sy, belajar dimana-mana pun sama.mungkin student skrg xphm foundation di universiti.ade yg pkir, kalo amek foundation medic, akan dpt amek medic..you are totally wrong..matrik, foundation stpm..adalh tmpat plg pnting utk tntu u nak amek kos ap then u ape.ada yg lbey pntigkn kos dr u..misalnya, medic in UNISZA..still become a doctor but cgpa for enter it, may be less than who take medic in um, usm or uitm..this is real situation..s, conclusion..u must be smart to plan it..analysis then take easy way to achieve your aim..sorry, nak tanya ada kawan yang amek ekonomi o development studies di um x??boleh sy tau..nak tanya dia pendapat ckit..my email:wana_cute_kmj@yahoo.com

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