Assalamualaikum and wishing you peeps the best for the rest of the day.
So today Chelsea lawan Harimau Malaya aih? And 1-0 aih? Bikin malu Chelsea gua nih.
Anyway I wont get that emotional, I wasn’t there watching it with my bare eyes or even sticking my butt in front of the big c.
Don’t ask me…man! Ask me not…man! Cause am gonna tell yaa…man! (mintak penampar)
Ok ok. I wasn’t there. Had final debate practice tonight at the firm. Final touch ups, I guess yang nak on stage like Azzairi, Daus, Keng Fhai and Qayyum dah gila tepu! Whosh! Semangat UM baa.
But itu sangat poyo to share pictures of practicing debates. It’s pnc anyway, mommies. We went to Pelita (bukan budak UM kalau tak kenal Pelita) after done with the session. Apa motif bhai upload gambar? Ahh biar sajooo!

Muka market lettew

Abang Mamak tu boyfren Kia!

Divas – Ucin n PDA

See the car! It’s Keng Fhai’s

Fresh orange sajoo

Boooo tangan penggedik

Firdaus Ahmad

Aik? Bukan dah upload?

Lagi lah kan

Makan laaa Adie Ucchh! Dan..apa motive abang Ista?

Seniors paling market nih

Qayyum. Second year gonnabe law student

Keng Fhai aka Kok Wing (3rd year law and final gonnabe)
Abang Istajib (PhD law)
Tu sajoo.. Takdak apo pon.
Sorray morraaay ambo dok gheti doh nak logging logging lonih!
p/s Pray for UM’s winning for Debat Perpaduan! Yezza

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