His Day

Assalamualaikum and wishing you the greatest day ever! Mine was so an epic. Wehhee i mean, epic. You know epic? Epic is like, epic.
OK. SO today it is the day Azzairi has been waiting for. Oh wait! Before i do proceed further, let me introduce you to my super duper awesome senior , Azzairi Rosle aka diva. This is my second time supporting him for his pidato competition, but the eagerness before wasn’t unbeatable macam ni punyaaa. Selaku junior yang baik hati, I do accompany him wherever his competition takes place. I do, I do. From the early morning, we went to the Kementerian Perdagangan and HEP (by his car, UM takdok transport..syial) before his one and only mama, one and only ayah, and one and only Along arrived. (and the rest of his buddies)
I won’t steal my own time here, just doing a sneak peak. Have to do research for the upcoming debate in UTP. Anyway, Azzairi Rosle, I do really super proud of you. I mintak maaf pasal I didn’t snap that much tadi, I do self-pose a lot!
Actually, we the infinity counts of UM’s supporters do melalak (you know melalak? Melalak is like huha huha) by the time the emcee announced:
“Peserta terakhir dipersilakan saudara Muhammad Azzairi bin Rosle, pelajar Undang-undang Universiti Malaya, bercita cita untuk menjadi seorang Timbalan Pendakwa Raya dengan falsafah hidup beliau (grrr tak ingat)”
By that time, we have the confidence, you’re so gonna win.

This is the real motive of bringing me- buli kena pegang barang
Seniors- Adie and Asri
Fydah. She’s goohood. Dia pakai baju kurung
Amal, Rafidah, Mama Azzairi
At least it all worth it πŸ˜€
Settling with that, after he’s being showered with continuous congratulations from whoever whoever, we went for some lunch+dinner by Putrajaya Lakeside. Orang kaya kan harus la belanja. And ayah Azzairi sangaaaat la buat orang flop during conversation.
Mr Rosle : Ni kedai ayah Musa. Hang kenai Musa?
Fydana : *Muka blur* tak.
Mr Rosle : Nabi Musa hang kenai?
OK. Dumped once.
Memang flop. No wonder Azzairi got the talent to flop orang. Like father like son.
Superb family. Now I’m missing my mama. OK.
Just now Azzairi went to UIA Gombak to train his SDAR’s debate team yang masuk final. And he keeps on dumping my MRSM PC. Fine! Anyway, goodluck juniors Azzairi. Let this week become his glorious week. *dan secara tak langsung I’m becoming his unpaid reporter.
p/s Azzairi annoying saya jadi co-driver in the car. Why? Sebab saya suka picit-picit tukar track lagu. Sebab nak dengar my Right Here Waiting. *Jeliing lagi

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