Langkawi Chapter II

Day 2- Let’s Explore the Galore!
Day two was basically day to explore.
Look at the pictures so that I don’t have to write way longer.
Btw, this is Kilim Geoforest Park. Throughout my trips before this to Langkawi, I’ve never been here. Loads of activities could be done, explore the nature’s beauty, the picturesque scenery of hutan paya air masin you know, the rare marine species, and of course the aroma of taik kelawar in Gua Kelawar. Exciting that you WOULD REGRET NOT TO TRY THIS!

Hye! I’m baby ular!

Hello, it was KPP’s hat and not mine.


The cute ZZ

Haruslah kan

Geli ibarat belangkas!! Eeee gelilikeglue you know
After spending the awesomeness in Kilim Geoforest Park, we proceeded to a higher level. Which took place at somewhere higher. Haruslah kan.
So, Gunung Mat Cincang here we go awuumm!

Basically all pics were taken in family mode. Each of us got a camera sensor attached so we were like ada camera je kami serbu. Gah!!

Encik Jedzry Fadzlin XD
The night was a free time for us, so since we got nothing else to do, we decided to take some fresh Langkawi air along the uptown. Cool you know, uptown along the beach. Explored the whole kilometers there, snapping along the way, picitpicit kaki lenguh kan, but the night freak ouuuutt with a great seafood fiesta. Seniors are cool. Terima kasih sebab belanja ikan paripari!

Didn’t really snap. So, less pics!
DAY 3 – Oh bye bye Langkawi

Do I need to say more?
I got a new skin color, sure.
New body mass, blame the cocos.
But apart from all, saya orang dahaga pengalaman, that was great, it was folded neatly.
We were bonded stronger than Van der Waals,
We created the subs like seniman negara,
We got punished but we were still together,
Terima kasih abang dan kakak.
PP 11/12 the best!
Samasama jadi PM next year, i love you guys. Infinity sayang gilos.

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