Langkawi Chapter I

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings! Sakit mata or not staring at the striking banner? Sorry if it annoys you much, tapi ayuhlah sakit mata samasama. Sharing is caring what and striking is sharing so striking is caring. OK, sengal.

So, here it comes to my last post (maybe) regarding my activities with the beloved, sukar dicari ganti siblings. I got 62 sibs altogether y’all but only 48 of us managed to go berjimbas in Langkawi. Quite to say, that was the reward after the scarification made for being a PP. But for me, it explains the unexplainable. You know, like I’m crapping the hell outta here so let’s persuade the pics to talk.

Arriving Jeti Kuala Perlis, the excitement get burnt along the way. We were really excited of reaching Langkawi, though kami tak mandi apa semua lagi, muka fresh turun bas ye adik kakak!

Feri feri feri. Can you detect the happiness and excitedness??
First destination, cliche lah kan sampai-sampai pergi Gamat? This is Kak izzah our vice secretary, anyway.

p/s Now I know what MINYAK BELACAK is. Don’t tipu me lah Danial Ahia.
Moving on, we did drop by at the batik industrial area but then no pics were purposely snapped by my cam (maklumlah cam murah je kot *sentap). So, let’s move on to another cliche destination, Makam Mahsuri.

And arriving the beach!! Tanjung Malie and it wasn’t Malibu, I hope you didn’t get it wrongly geezz!

Yeay! A day along the beach and slowly the fairness fades with time!

I’m the new Naomi Campbell!! *Except my lips are thinner and my eyes lagi sepet okey tak puas hati? MasyaAllah!
p/s will be follow up post regarding the next and next day. Bye ibu bapak!

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