Kia to IKEA

Assalamualaikum and wishing you a very good morning!

A draft of my journey sketched this pathway along the ‘saya-nak-merantau’ map:
Langkawi ->Kuala Perlis -> UM -> The Curve -> IKEA -> MidValley
I don’t need any Dora the Explorer to explain my own pathway. I mean, I tahu lah The Curve is located at the same point as IKEA (like gedik gilers *eww* nak buat two places) but chill lah buddies. Kita rajin menulis kan kita nak buat macam mana *sentap
But but hey let’s stop the crap! I’m highlighting The Curve and IKEA here because because… I went there with my darling kingkong today! Yeay! Went out with my sayang Qee Hanis. And meet my buddies along the way : Krun the OMG so skinny, Faisal and Aufi. They all were really nice, to pick me in college and samasama makan langsat there along the way to Damansara. Ganaaah mu.
We don’t have to plasticize our smiles actually,
it does not undergo polymerization anyway

My meatballs!
Krun ought to know that sniffing doesn’t help in putting on the kilograms err?
Meatballs + Fish n Chips = Meatchips

Kiasatina tak sedar diri, dah chubbchubb makan lagi ngapngap

And I am so excited like a weeee

What are you looking at? I mean I know I’m looking like ohsem gila
but no need to stare gitulah.
p/s Posting in relation to decrease the emoness to leave my siblings πŸ˜₯

One thought on “Kia to IKEA

  1. xde entry yg psal i ke? hehe πŸ˜€ saje je nk komen, da lame xjengok, ahaha, bukan u je yg ade merantau map :p i aritu da pegi pahang, now kt melake plak, pasni xtau lagi nk pegi mane, ahaha πŸ˜€

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