PP Not Berjimbas

Assalamualaikum and wishing you rainbows of happiness.
Quite sorrow today, most of my siblings went home already. Leaving quite a few of us here in UM.
Sobs. Basically got nothing much to be done except hanging in the student committee’s room, watching movies with Danial Ahia, Epul, Echa and Zee. The others just drop by and went home. SOBSSSS πŸ˜₯
Since I’m sickly missing you guys, I hope it’s not that much to upload some pics here. Walawey hoh tak tau nak upload where dah these pics, got 50.0GB of them. Cheeee πŸ˜€

We in the big family.
Apparently I’m incapable of making funny and mumsy expressions w/o them.
Can’t wait for next week to lepak again with my siblings nihh! But not in KL. Surprisooo!

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