PP Berjimbas

Assalamualaikum and selamat menghadapi Monday Blues.
Basically, we have been thru MHS, and we are the best family ever.I had 62 siblings who were absolutely awesome.So Abang Sulung kami decided to have a day out with the family. Headed to Seoul Garden, nothing much except for the RM1k lunch cost. Meow. Acaciaan, this is a good spot, you should try.

Sekian cerita makan. Then we headed to MidValley before me and Lady Dee found nothing caught our interests there. So, we decided to go to Jalan TAR indeed. Lady Dee, you are awesome okeng.

But instead of all occurrences hari ini, beta paling bergumbira bila beta jumpa bestfriend beta Qee Hanis bersama diva Sophie. Ini mereka!

Darlings, Love you.


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