From PP to Freshie

Assalamualaikum and a happy Saturday! It’s weekend everaaybaadehh so what’s your plan?
So, before I proceed further… ehem ehem. Did you noticed any changes on Sorority?
Blarrff. Okeng. Plain layout and banner. Bored of that kiddish appearance so Kiasatina binti Othman decided to apply something matured on Sorority.
Ok. Tamat sudah iklan penaja.
Today is June the fourth, and you know what, today it’s officially the end of MHS 11/12. *Nada skema. No,to be frank, I’m quite touched because the end of MHS indicates the end of our job as PP. Encircled as a big family, break your head if it is an easy thing to break the bond when you know it’s really a tight one, impossibly being broken neither physically nor chemically nor biologically. Ngeh.
SO, a week as a PP, I had the most awesome fill-in for my holiday. Instead of all leadership thingies I’d ever been appointed, PP is the greatest one. JKP is one thing but then to be a PP it’s not an eye-blink thing. I don’t have to undergo election or manifesto thingies mcm JKP dulu but then the training wasn’t trouble-free. Aaaa tiba-tiba teringat Dusun Eko. Gila lah. I respect PP 12th and you guys memang terbaaaek tergaaanas!

Credit to one Asasian. I took these pics from your FB. I know you nak amek gambar Zol right? Hee πŸ˜€ Thanks again if it comes to you reaching here.
Juniors, nothing much to be said. Heheh. At first I’m quite hesitated with them all, sebab lemau sangat! Basuh dengan disiplin for a few times then barulah catalyzed sikit. But then, I love all the juniors, esp my emcee, ushers and anak-anak sel.

Emcee- Aira, Hafiz, Syahira, Syafiq, Dayana, yang pakai spec tu and err errr Ariff hee πŸ˜€
Thanks a lot, I had a good times train you all even aku kena banguuun 5.30am each day just to train you guys! Ngah ngah but well done girls and boys.
Anak-anak sel – Dearest 23 of you
Ladies and gentlemen, I love you more than words able to describe. At first LDK nak jumpa you all I’m very excited you know. Since my bureau is the one that organize the LDK and the schedule and all, so I’ve booked Sel 11 earlier! Means you all ni chosen okey, and thanks! You guys are not disappointing. Ngee. I tak ingat semua but then thanks Rafeeq *muka mcm Medmed*, Manja *aww*, Aisyah, Ramona, Syafiq and others. Love love love!
Ushers – Nik, Natasha, Fazura, Nazira

Thanks a bunch ladies. To be frank, when it was my shift to be in DTC, I round round tu sebab I nak cari yang lawa lawa. And the four of you memang lawa, that’s why you guys were appointed as my ushers. Heehe. Thanks again πŸ˜€
Now. I’m missing home. Jadi PP pun PP jugak but then I’m a daughter jugak. I miss my family. That matters.
Ohh btw, thanks for the love letters, juniors. And the teddies. And the mug. Meow

sangat suka letter ni. Lukisan comel.

Because that’s the end of me wearing this tag. I love you Acaciannn XD
p/s Lucks Asasians. And… I used to be at your place. Means, I PP EX ASASI! *jaaaangan buat muka terkejut. Chows.

11 thoughts on “From PP to Freshie

  1. PP Kia! nak fb..gonna miss your voice la sis.. orientasi plg best!!
    fb sy Angah ShineeKey..add la akak..

  2. awesome words u hv here kia kia kia…hahha…ur sel would be lucky to hv u as their pp…perghh!! bloq aku telah lama terkubur derr…hahha…i'll be ur fan of da bloq Pricess Kiasatina.. πŸ™‚

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