Assalamualaikum and wishing you the best day! Today merely is my last day performing my Gerak Kerja before the real day comes by. Basically can’t imagine the tiredness but then its not coolio lah to entertain the tiredness, the spirit should be prioritized kan kan?? So tasingg la when Afif Wafiy wished us goodluck and it was for the last time wu wu wuuu 😥

Bluek bluek bluek so lazy to describe from A-Z here regarding this thingy. I’m here to share some of MidValley’s current attraction, the Pirates of Carribean mega ship. Ye lah, right now the pirate fever is on, strikes everyone except me (haven’t watch the movie yet). Siap la kau Jack Sparrow, your so gonna miss me in the cinema. Derrrrr *Uja
ng’s style.

So, sharing shome poshing voshing here!

Too lazy for captions

Anyway, thanks Ujang jang for snapping all this. Sumpah kau baik sebab melayan aku.
And met Fiqri and his gang there, they assumed me with Ujangjang! Wa wa waa adaa aku kisah?

Maaf woo manyak pictures of syok sendiri woo..

One last time!!!




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