The Leaders

Assalamualaikum and wishing you guys a Happy New Year. Ok, that’s a crap. Wishing you guys a prettay shiny morning.

I’m quite busy now. Entering my second week in UM, undergoing all these obstacles of becoming a PP. And apparently these are all because of Asasian yang nak masuk by the end of this weekend laa nih! Hissh.

With PP Epul our big boss

I’ve been thru indoor training whereby it was really a boundarized life, we all have been tested in a real tough tests, to sleep only for 2 hrs daily, and 15 minutes interval for 3 times daily and a day not to sleep at all. But never mind. As a macho HUMAN BEING lah kan, we all made it thru! Yeay! Throughout the indoor training, I was in OMEGA *jaaangan buat muka terkejut. So many things that I have undergone from zero to nothing and then we are really in the tightest bond ever! OMEGA sangat coolio, I got Hazeem the Engine student, Yu Sheng the Chem Engine student, Boon Ee the Law student, Maie the Counselling student, Zeo the CadCam Engine student, Eff, Dewi, Amir (Medicine hotties). I love indoor training, because we crap during impromptu! Walaaahaa
Nampak tak cardigan blue black ni?
Comel tak?
Thanks. Eee hahaha

Next it was 3 days 2 nite outdoor training at Dusun Ecopark Resort in Bentong. OK lah, let’s face it, this is my first time ever to join camping and all this lasak stuffs. I love it or not loving it, bak kata olang olang kalau nak jadi PP, you have to pass all the tests provided no matter how hard it is. And yawww! Camping sumpah best nak mati!! Been trying so many gwweaat stuffs including night jungle trekking, water rafting, obstacle game, flying fox, hanging bridge, and and banyak lagi cooolio stuffs. Told my mama and she nearly disbelieving this, dia cakap awak mana lasak! Hey, who say we say I say?? Who say we rubbish bin?? OK. =.=”

Back from there, we are officially done with our training. SO for this time being, since we have undergone Watikah Pelantikan last night, proudly said, we are the official PP of Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr Nazrin Shah! Yaaayy! As expected -.- they put me as Biro Aturcara dan Protokol, which require you to interact the most, to handle students’ central and internal LDK, handle sub, and the I-like-the-most protocol part! Eeee hahhaaha.. Simply can’t imagine the tiredness, I gotta handle a week of interacting session with the budaks, handle Sel 11, prepare the module and activities to be done, handle protocol and okengg audition and train budaks emcee for closing nite. Wohoo let’s make it thru, team!

My teammate, ZZ. She’s super duper banyak cakap!

Juniors, we really are ‘nice’ seniors, we can’t wait to ‘pamper’ you

So, 29th May, we are all waiting for you. Cheah, macam nak cari gaduh.

Rule Pertama : PP is always right
Rule Kedua : PP sentiasa betul
Rule Ketiga : Kalau tak puas hati, rujuk Rule Pertama dan Rule Kedua


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