Hi-Tea with Anak Jaws

So I’m not gonna talk that much, yet I’m not gonna babble pretty sane.

Really in my exam mode but then something strikes me that I have to report a new story in my blog.

This was my last event in PASUM. Clearly.

It was a hi-tea for MEGA (Malam Emas) + Soubetsukai’s committee members.

The foods were rated 3 stars but anyway I’m glad that IT HAPPENED. Ehee.

Like apa like apa? Ahaaa we had some soto ayam, roti jala, cupcakes, murtabaks and I pretty don’t remember sebab I makan little little (memang MALU kalau makan with public. Like ewwwwwww gediksss). EYYY SUKA HATI AKU LAA

OMJAYYY… banyak bebel! Biar gambar berbicara (like eheuuuwwwww)

The Director of Soubetsukai – Farid Izaharuddin. He’s awesome, bachelor from DUNGUNGGG MUU

The MEGA Committee- Glad to meet them again
See?? I dont even touch the roti jala. EWWW PELIKSS
We eat. We love. to each other
Muka ATOK yang envy me. Ehuewwwww perasaaanI love orang candid makan like pelikss

Satu theme kan lecturer ktorang pakai?
Of course budak demam was there.
Sakit dada kot
I eat a lot like OMJAAAY I slept in front of Afiq. (Tidoq senyum, berkaliber!)
US- MEGA + Soubetsukai!!

Pleasant one, after all.

Eheuuuwwww kena sambunng study. GEEKK!!


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