Heyya peeps.


Haih I hate this dull weekend. Woke up early in the morning and off to Bangunan Peperiksaan for MUnSyi and here we go… got nothing else to be done. That’s all. Yas and Syamir asked me to join them, nak tengok Rango. Ousshh tak minat. Beastly and Black Swan pon I haven’t watch tau. Naaaak movie. Last night Arai asked me what to be done for weekends and I told him the same thing. NOTHING. Arai cakap booooring, be productive my lady. OK =.=”

Banyak cantik Kia? Tutorials bukan banyak lagi tak siap? Report Chems dah bersawang. Study pe cer? Haih.

OK lah. Off now. Just a quick update. Not satisfied that Anis went out with Arin, Qee macam biasa, hibernate kat Sg Kantan, Mee gedik went back to Taiping. Urgh.

Actually, already had a date with ADALAH yesterday. But typical. Lame. Big Apple Mid je. Kejap je. Dah. Malas. Bye.

Big Apple last night.

p/s Can’t believe my eyes seeing that alim guy had a midnight date @Mid last night. And pegang pegang pulak tu. Ewww wek wekk. Gedikgedik aku pon tak pegangpegang tahu. Dah. BANNED.

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