Seriously I’m having quite a ‘jetlag’ with my new routines now. It is not that tight, slightly miscible outside the boundaries. Feeling myself being quite undisciplined, I have plenty of time that sometimes it is thrown outta my bags of management. The good thing is, it spares me some spaces to be with my sayangness all, and pretty awesome, when I am able to redeem the spaces in my stomach that has been empty for couple of months!

Day out with Yasmin Yusoff

When senior treats you BR. It feels good

Lepak The Gardens with seniors

Boring expressions tunggu midnight movie

Even better when they treat u Carls’ Jr. Haha

Well, that’s all my bebelan for this time. I’m quite focusing on my studies now. Ye la, final dah dekat sangat okei. Tomorrow have to submit Bel’s presentation speech outlines. Sangat membuang masa buat benda ni but I’m really into thoughts expressing now. Moral, time sparring tu penting. Wise in dividing time sums you a lasting happiness! Goodluck, because till this point, that’s one thing I fail to perform. Yawn.

Think before you act okai



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