So, the Malam Emas is now a legend (ceh bajet) haha. No lah, it is kinda a big sigh to realize that Malam Emas is now a bygone. Feeling rather relieve with the departed tiresome, yet I am suffering with this one indescribable feeling, that is missing the preparations for Malam Emas. Seriously, I miss to have meetings with the penasihat and committee members, building arguments, dizziness to handle even a diminutive setback… aaaaa I miss those! Tadi I met Miss Edura and Dr Fakhrul to discuss about the student representatives’ dinner but it wasn’t like any of Malam Emas discussions. This time it is like we’re being celebrated not we’re celebrating our peeps. Huuu.

So my aim now is to shoot to my very best for my FINAL EXAM. It is approaching too soon from now. Yet, ada masa lagi nak bergedik dengan tersayang kan. Gedik.

Another thing, I would love to wish my big sis, glorious and best of lucks for her MAG. She’s my Kak Chida, the first senior I got to know in Universiti Malaya. She’s a superb emcee, superb lawyer gonnabe, superb buddy, and the last thing I want her to prove me, she’s THE SUPERB PROJECT MANAGER. Kak chida is directing the college’s dinner, Malam Apresiasi Gemilang which will be held on this March 12th in Pan Pacific KLIA. Throughout the dinner progressions, we shared quite a lot pains and sufferings, duk mengadu to each other. Hee. I know, we got a lot of things in common kan (hee prasan) except for the part Kak Chida is WAYYYYY cuter than me. Good luck big sis!

Say hiii to Kak Chida!

Love her a lot


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