Malam EMAS 2010/2011

The first time the official meeting of JBPPP PASUM was held, I was merely gasped when PASUM’s Director, Prof Madya Dr Azilah Abd Rahman told us that there are three mega projects are going to be held throughout our nine months in PASUM. To be so-called, they were Jogathon, English Fiesta and Malam EMAS. And I was rather shocked when she informed me that I’m going to lead the mega project Malam EMAS. Merely because I am the Exco Kesenian dan Kreativiti =.=” Is it my gut to handle it?

Days passed by, months waved goodbyes. All the hardworks and pains and glees (of course) in preparing the one and only night are now all paid off! Starting from preparing proposal sheets for the dinner, till the last job we did (that was hanging the backdrop balloon), we are swimming in pool of glee. I’m proud of the 108 crew members, I’m proud of the lecturers, and I’m proud of all the Asasi buddies (: You made it possible reaching the top even with the hardest setbacks dropping by.

So, March the fifth. Finally a bygone. Satisfied with the night being virtued by Putrajaya International Convention Centre night, all that I can say, Alhamdulillah (: I can provide a few pics only since my seat and Meo were destined to be at…well,quite pushed away from the others 😦 but at least there are some compared to none.

The view from here

Rehearsal session

The view from VVIPs table

The bestfriend (:

It was from classic…

To modern.

The backdrop. Designed by Paul Nickson

The advisor- Dr Fakhrul Zamani and Miss Edura Badaruddin

Not to be forgotten – Encik Ikhwan and Prof Madya Dr Abdul Majid

Being forced to upload this pic! Hee

The formal emcee, Aima Nabila

Guitarist (:

I heart these peeps a lot:

Penyu (Vice Director)

Meo (The Coordinator)

Bashira (The Vice Coordinator)

Afiq (treasurer)

Kauthar (secretary)

Joyeh (Head of protocol bureau)

Ucop (Head of management bureau)

PDA (Head of event management bureau)

Arina (Head of performance bureau)

Paul (Head of techno n multimedia bureau)

Atok (Head of technical bureau)

Tengku Pewit (Head of transportation bureau)

Danial (Head of sponsorhip bureau)

Eja (Head of publicity bureau)

Zawani (Head of miscellaneous bureau)




And the rest of committee members involving in Malam EMAS Asasi 2010/2011


And just in case you are wondering for another perception or even crave for another photographs, just click the link below.

Syafiq Subri’s


Surely, we’re proud of this MYR200K worth project. I’m glad for the rocks crews, they are the best. It worth every penny and just so you know, the formula is easy, passion ensures you glory, patience ensures you serenity, prays ensure you victory. WOMEN GOT THE POWER.

p/s Glad that the first word being uttered by UM’s Vice Canselor during his speech was- ALL THAT I CAN SAY IS… WOW!!

(: Alhamdulillah.


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