Weekends. Again.

Today it was really an unexpected one, lot of surprises.

I’m too lazy and busy to explain bit by bit, so let the pictures do the talk!

Venue : Johnny’s, Berjaya Times Square
Agenda : Steamboat-ing!
Date : February 26 2011
People involved : Kia, Mira, some havoc senior pharmacy students!

This is what we call- I am hungry that I can eat a dinasour!
Cik Mira lah
Balas message sapaa?? Message AZZAIRI ROSLE. Heh.

Lapar seeeh
Okay everaaybodeeyhh! Now there are foods!She’s hungry I guess

Now hold the chopsticks buddy!Mira and FunThey finished their foods, eventuallyEmpunya blog pon makan taw!

Thanks for today.
And Afiq Hazimi, thanks for accompanying me back from TS back to UM. Had a great MCD for dinner! Haha kamu kelakar lah budak cerewet!

p/s Mr SW, mission steamboat i complete!! Yaaay!! Tak payah pergi Sunway pun?? Hee


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