Last Breath


merah mcm Poo tak??

Hee.. new tagline. Cuma sorang je boleh paham why. Gedik bebenor nak jadi fanatic Telletubies. Menatang ntah pape kot sebenarnya.
So, hiyya peeps. How’s life been doing? Mine was hectically waiting outside the line, trembling over high frequency but then, still I’m struggling, battling for my best! Ohh yeah! I can do whatever I believe I can do! *Semangat*

I actually nak spill some stories regarding my weekends tapi bila kerja dah datang bertimbun, I have to cross over the intention la. Tak pe lah, asal ada niat dalam hati. Nanti I cerita okeh? Complete with the pictures, InsyaAllah. Because it was a weekend different from others. Semangaaaatt~

So, I’m off to finish up my Chemisery tutorials. Satu haram tak sentuh lagi Organic Chems ouh! And my reminders: Things-to-be-undergone this week:

Monday (21 Feb) : 5.00pm- Acoustic and Poem performance screening test for Malam Emas with lecturers. *Haruuuu laa*

Tuesday (22 Feb) : 12.00pm- Formal visit to PICC to evaluate Perdana Hall. Meeting with Technical Department there. *maaaak lagi haru*
8.00pm – Meeting for final screening Theme Song Malam EMAS

Wednesday (23 Feb) : 5.00pm- Open Conference with Asasians regarding Malam EMAS *ni yang tak sabar*

Thursday (24 Feb) : 8.00pm- High Committee Screening for Full Rehearsal Malam EMAS. And it is my parents’ anniversary. Plus Test Statistics

Friday (25 Feb) : 8.00pm – High Committee + Lecturers for Full Rehearsal Malam EMAS. And it is my sis, Kiasyahindah’s birthday! Plus Test Calculus + Test Physics + Test Bio

For weekends… Yeahhh biarkan takde plan. Because unexpected things seem to be my enthusiast now. Hee.

Purple Tinky Winky

By hooks or by crooks, everything has to be settled down. Tak boleh by hooks, now I’m playing crooks. Thanks to Allah for all these things I have to undergo, I think my mind is vanishing some bitter memories. I don’t think so I want to remember all those. Because, from the beginning, I just know that…I’m strong. And I will always be. Seriously, after all the bitterness I have to gulp in, I think I’m bathing the sugar candy now, I can see sparks of my … bla bla bla. Craps.

p/s Footnote for Azzairi Rosle. Kia ni bukan la MPPUM yang nak lawan Pilihanraya Umum. Tak busy or attention seeker mcm diorang, I am always who I am, Azzairi. Meeting is just a small proportion, of my life n I’m here to struggle for Law Fac. Law Fac, Azzairi!! Azzairi Rosle, Kiasatina Othman kirim salam maut. Haha


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