Reaching Dawn

You were too close,

Your patience is mountainous, almost,

Your vows were congenial for most.

But I wasn’t there.

I stayed away.

Still in doubt whether to pursue or to forgo,

There are voices that I heard,

Whispering I should sow you in my heart,

Your love is too massive to be broken apart,

A fool I am to eliminate you with no doubt.

The day you cried,

Was the day I leapt sky-high.

The day you plead,

Was the day I am pleased.

Because apart from the tears you longed,

There’s a beautiful I LOVE YOU along.

Now I’m not into all these things anymore.

I don’t believe in love crappies anymore.

Hah. Namely crappies, right?

The one that I believe used to love me with his whole heart,

That everyone around me told that I’m the blind one not to see anything he will to shower me,

That everyone around me told that I’m the fool one not to accept his willingness because waiting is his SPECIALTY,

And now the person is gone.

The one that I trust love me the most,

Capable of doing this,

What else some more to compare to those who partially serious and partially hilarious?

Just… go away. I don’t believe in this anymore.

Its gone too far, you can’t break a broken heart.

Just so you know,

I am too young to hate people,

And I’m not.

I thanked you indeed,

At least you’ve once came to me,

Enlightening my life though mine is never a sorrow one,

And now I yet, I thanked you for bursting my tears as it has been longing me for a couple of times to be showered out,

But apart from all,

I love to thank you,

For leaving me,

Simply because, that’s the safest one for me.

I don’t need you. Seriously I am.

I’ve cried so hard yesterday but today,

I’m wiping my tears you have burst,

It’s hazing my view to witness the sunshine,

Just so you know,

I don’t have a pocketful of regret.


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