I keep my head high up in the air.

I lay my hand strong gripping to the wall.

I stand my feet stick to the ground.

I know I have an incredible strength.

I know I have all the guts I shall have to raise me to the top.

I know I have some indescribable will that lead me to the road I shall be.

In round, I just know that I am strong girl.

Whether you send me a hurricane,

Whether you blow me a typhoon,

Whether you surprised me a thunder,

Whether you pour me acid rains,

I know I will just strongly grip, still standing on my root.

To proclaim I’m professional, that’s what I’ve been working on,

To proclaim I’m able to differentiate well, that’s what I’ve operating on,

To exclaim I’m not easily influenced with hunnybunny crapping, that’s what I’ve hell believing in,

To exclaim I’m gripping strong to my vow, that’s what I’ve been struggling in,

Now so I believe, I’m rigid. I’ll stay rigid. I am.

But I’m just an ordinary human who made into one,

But I’m a creature with four chambered heart made into one,

But I’m a homo sapiens with tears gland made into one,

Just gotta realize I am the normal me, the ordinary me for most of the time.

Now it comes to me that I suddenly realized I’m an ego-maniac,

Now it takes me seconds to realize that I’m so into a filthy relationship that I can’t really rely on.

Now it brings me some thunder struck to nod my agreement, my only strength, is myself.

Today I realized it is all my mistakes.

Never mind, I’m a quick digester on stakes.

I think I’m gonna learn thru my mistakes.

And forgive what it takes.

If that’s the value a friendship sake.

And, to those who wish to smile,

I’ll give you a villain veil to hire,

You’re such a great planner,

But life is a karma, always remember.


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