A Long Weekend

Being home last midterm break, I managed to meet my cousin Ekin and Wanis who seemed so eager to meet me after a long separation. *hehe koya. And Wanis was sooo enthusiastic in arranging a date for the trio of us to celebrate her 19th birthday which befell on this February 17th. I was like… OKAY je. But then today, dia jadi cincaru pulak, she said she can’t join me and Ekin today so hell yeah.. I’m going to date Ekin by myself lah.

Went to MidValley Megamall with Husna, Alyn and Farhan but separately spitted up from Alyn. It was me, Ekin, Una and Farhan je yang tengok Green Hornet. Ouh you guys, it was awesome anyway to be surged with the proud drug upon seeing my boy, Jay Chou in the movie! To be a lil bit criticism towards the movie, everything met my expectation, except for the annoying Green Hornet himself. Hee menyampah sial mamat tu.

Love Asyiqin so much

Cousins we are.
Next, we did some shopping. Tak banyak pun, we were in rush of course since we have to catch the KTM to KL Sentral. Off to Masjid Jamek by LRT. This was the pretty awesome part, I was actually trying to find for my hijab for Malam EMAS but I’m pretty well known with my fussy attitude so sebesar-besar Jalan TAR tu, none of the hijab served met my taste. Hehe. All that we bought was a present for Wanis and Syiqin’s vest. Tu je la.The gorgeous She Sheee πŸ˜€
Bukan mudah nak pose like this in front of the public. Hee
Bajet Nicole RichieSekali lagi lah. haha
Bapak bapak ibu ibu.. I’m a psycho girl who NEVER like teddy bear but I posed with them because they make my pic looks merrier but I NEVER love teddies. HM (:

Muka tak boleh beeeelah

Then, went back to MidValley since I insisted to watch Khurafat. Kawan-kawan i semua cakap movie ni best, but for me it was like hampeh. The lucky part, I was treated by Ekin’s buddy. (GUY buddy of course. And not the ordinary buddy surely). Hemph. Kerja aku teman orang date je kan nak buat macam mana. But it was okay anyway, at least I boleh tengok movie free, woot woot!!

After hours of splendid moments with my dearie cousin, we went back to my college, set our butts off the cafe, open our Bento Box and yummy yummy! I’m sooo sory Pang for my failure to join your nyte out today to Putrajaya. Next time okeh Sabahan (: Thanks for the invitation anyway, I would love to hang out with u guys, too (:*Bangang nye tulis post like S***. Blogging while chatting, it always results in several grammatical error and boredom. So I shall stop here!

I bagi Khairur Bashiir tried this sushi. But he was like having a I-Want-to-Puke expression! Kesian dia! Haha


p/s Mr SW, I know u’ll be the first to read this. Comment eh u! Kalau tak ada Mrs Paranormal mengilai kat tepi u.


13 thoughts on “A Long Weekend

  1. sape yg tgk movie paranormal activities? i x tgok kot =.=”
    pastu duk menjerit sorang2.
    x boleh nak imagine muka u menjerit! auhhh mummy help me help me! hehe sayup2 je i dgr from my bilik semalam.hee

  2. Lala the yellow telletubies.
    ish.x payah la merajok2..
    mcm budak.
    u,ckp psl paranormal kan..
    how u define it anyway?
    sebab kan..time i skolah dulu,i penah menang award JUNIOR PALING PARANORMAL.hahaha

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