Living a Life

Drag thru the albums I had. And found that my eyes were caught with my own treasures.
Early photos in PASUM.
Yeah, like nerdies so eager to go thru pre-university life, that’s how I described myself.
PASUM is reaching its’ finishing line after months of running.
I’m gonna miss you, soon PASUM. *Ye, bajet macam nak finish esok*

Those nerd days.Love both

I get tooooo emotional to. I was thinking like my days in PASUM is almost done. Got another month to go thru before the arrival of final exam. We never knew our fate, surely I was hoping to stay here for Bachelor of Law but the fate is not something that we create.

Till this point, my real life begin in MRSM PC who shaped me the way I am today. And my pretty indescribable life begin in PASUM. I love PASUM (:

p/s Being 19. 19 is too early for us to give up from acknowledging the power of knowledge, and 19 is too old for not having any experience that brings up maturity.


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