KAT – Kia Ara Tayn

Hey peeps! How’s life been doing? How’s CNY break? Well, I had enough blast of it esp the not-to-do-any-chores part and also the ending for the holiday part. Nothing much that I’ve been doing for that so-called an extensive week except for the rest rest rest and rest part! I’ve been tremendously busy t/out my days in PASUM so okeh…malas nak mengulas.

So, a day before I went back to UM, I’ve spent a day with my girlfriend, my soul bestie, my intan payung (u all, her name memang Intan), my sayangness, my everything (ok enough of it). Went out with Tayn, and typically KB Mall lah. The funny thing about us is, she lives in Shah Alam which is not that distance-full from my place, Bangsar but we never settle on a date in KL. Too busy with schedules and she’s purely not that socialist, macam I lah kan passive *hee. Those all had been our boundaries in expressing love. KONON.

That day suppose Ara joined us, but she was in with Sofia KL by that time. Terbalik kan? Gedik betol minah Ara.

Went there roughly at 12pm, we did some shopping, she has to buy some blazer and court shoe for her mock trial. And headed to Noodle Station (lame lah, takde tempat lain nak dating) and what I love the most was, I’ve told her everything I’ve been through t/out some period which left me idealess, clueless and know what, I was at the best relieve ever! For her part, she kept advertising and saliva-dropping influencing me to be dragged to Law Faculty. Haih, u’re good in this lah Tayn.

Love that we’re so inseparable

Some shopping again before my Abah came and picked us up. Time nak balik jalan jam nak matii. I hate Kelantan during public holidays because all the anak-anak Kelate would march up to their respective hometown, stuffing Kelantan at the tightest possibilities. But that’s the unique thing about my hometown (:

Tayn stayed till 8.30 I guess, hardly remember before her Baba dropped by to fetch her. Looking for another date soon, my dear! And of course, accountant gonnabe ini sangat dirindui!

p/s Hardly upload some other pics for private and confidential purpose. Hee.


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