Horoscope in a Scope

To scoop my reading on The Star and jump to the Horoscope widget section is typically my monthly routine. MONTHLY. Well, it is superstitious to plant your trust in the tree of predicament done by Homo sapiens who sow random writings whenever scattered stars in galaxy congregate by the month, and that is called a zodiac thingy. Rather dim-witted when you digest the fruit of believe in this. But that’s how humanity being played. Being a typical human being, it’s illogical for me to be cynical towards this matter because apart from scripting some judgment, I’m categorized as an individual who would merely consider my second thoughts for horoscope. MERELY.

None of us would nod for disagreement for the matter that kids love to ask- why is that baby is in mommy’s tummy and not daddy’s? Or… How baby is made? Being inspired by my 4-years old sister, I thanked her for inspiring me with a bulb of idea to jot something in my blog. She questioned that to my mom four days ago. Pretty well, I never asked my parents so. Call me a passive baby then. In contrast, what I’ve been asking them back a couple years ago, perhaps 3 years after 1992, was- Mommy, what is my zodiac sign???

Hah. I lied. Firstly I’m not calling my mom Mommy but it is Mama indeed. And secondly, I firstly knew the word zodiac when I’m four. That’s it. I goreng you all. I was borne on November the 13th in the year 1992 so since then onward, I’ve been signing as a Scorpion. Too wild for me? Well, you never see the wild side of mine. That’s not the matter, but I’m bringing this subject for highlighting that coincidence occurs sometimes. For whenever my instinct said so that I should refer to my monthly horoscope, things went on like what it has been written in there. I mean, if this is JANUARY, I will refer to my DECEMBER’s horoscope, and then it goes! “You will find some luck by the middle of the month” (just an example). Then I’ll stereo-played my memory, trying to flashback some memoirs, innie Minnie! That’s how my life progress has undergone throughout the month!

Another miracle I found about horoscope is that, some might be accurate regarding your inner self. Like, for Scorpions, we are categorized as a nation that are massively brave, able to take risk, in accordance to scorpion traits I guess. That’s something I doubt. Till the point that I concern, I am never that brave and my amygdala neurone is still fix in place. I’m being conquered with my own fears, SOMETIMES. This might catch your attention a bit, Scorpions are loyal lovers. Err, can I change that to singular instead of plural? Well, Scorpion is a loyal lover. That sounds better. And I guess I am. Committing my very best, my deepest, my fullest in a relationship is my forte. I might be surrounded by pals and workmates, and no hesitation if covetousness aroused, but I’m loyal to whom I love. I’ve learnt a lot thru my previous experiences and I vow not to bear that again. It hurts. So, enough crapping, I’m stressing here, I love my Rain. I don’t know how to express it, I’m love blind but the bottom of my heart has no space for lie fixation. Judgment rejected.

Till this point, I would still refer to horoscope and smile if it comes to a finicky happenstance. Is there’s another way you can differentiate it from Dr Fadhilah Kamsah’s predicament if horoscope is what you labeled as khurafat? I’m off to my committee meeting now! Chow (:


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